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Thank you so much for visiting my site! My name is Tanvi. I live in Maryland (Washington DC Area). Before that I lived in Texas. 
I am a wanderer. I grew up in New Delhi, India and then moved out to Dubai, U.A.E. during my high-school years. I lived and worked in London, U.K. after finishing my graduation from Switzerland. I part of me belongs to each of those cities/countries.

I launched Tanvii.com (previously known as The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich & Infamous) in January 2009 as a diary of my new martial adventure along with my fitness journey. In 2010 the blog transitioned into an everyday style diary with snippets of life thrown in. Today it is a lifestyle site where I share my sartorial and travel adventures along with my uncensored thoughts and opinions about all-things-life. 

People often sugar coat their advice and experiences. I say it like it is, or at least how I felt in the moment! Unadulterated. I would like to believe that men and women who visit the blog use it as an online resource for - comfortable an attainable style inspiration, exchanging life anecdotes and encouraging one another to be who they are! 

Tanvii.com is an eccentric, creative and stylish place for women of all ages. I hope you enjoy!


I am moody, frank, eccentric, detached, methodical, individualistic, erratic, analytical, creative, fair, passionate, ambitious, intense, understanding, verbal, sensitive, naive, impatient, inquisitive, open and logical. // I am honest as long as it doesn't really hurt anyone including me. // I have a poor EQ which is compensated by not so poor IQ. // My hobbies are writing, reading, traveling, shopping, thinking and music. // Three things that can grab my complete attention at any time are good food, clothes and hot guys (not necessarily in that order). // The best thing I have ever done is taken risks. // The most important things in my life are being fair, being loved, self-respect, a good career, family and friends. // My biggest enemy and friend is my hyperactive brain which thinks a lot. // I am reasonably good at creative debating, writing, presenting and working. // I have a bit of ego. // I don't read like I used to. // My weaknesses are chocolates, Indian romantic movies, spicy food, success, power, love to mention a few... // I love traveling. (Like ... LURVEEE) // My biggest fear is having a monotonous life. // My worst nightmare is waking and finding myself on an island all alone. // My biggest tragedy is not being understood. // I think my “Theory of Irony of Life” is true. // I want to be able to fly and I feel free. // I want more friends who really love me. // I think a lot. // When I am in upswing, it shows as focused intelligent work and philosophical pondering. In downswing it becomes destructive attitudes, sullen moods and laziness. // I can write poems only when I am sad, touched or obsessed. // I accept myself and people as they are as long it doesn't disturb my peace of mind. // I think purpose of every activity is happiness. // I feel money is by luck but knowledge is by hard work. Hard work without a clear aim is stupidity. // I believe in love. // God is mankind's imaginary friend. // I think true love is only for lucky. // I think in the end, nothing really matters ... except how one feels.


All products featured on this blog have been purchased on my own, unless specifically noted. Tanvii.com participates in several affiliate programs. If you purchase an item from a link on my website, I may receive a commission. I only share products and services that I am passionate about. However, I am open to working with brands I have featured on the blog. If you have a product or service that may be of interest to me, please contact me at info@tanvii.com and I would be happy to discuss it with you. For more information on privacy, click here.

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