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Sweater Series: Heavy Knit From Gap

Sweater 4 Tanvii.com

Sweater Series: Fourth Installment

I had a few of questions on my mind this morning. My brain continues to amaze me by how it can switch gears in a matter of milliseconds. Some of the questions I had been pondering over - What happens when you are at peace with who you are becoming but people around you are not? What do you do when what you want is something you have left miles behind? How do you cope with not getting a chance to tell your version of the story? When does life feel complete? ... 

Back to the sweater stories, this one is an oldie as well, from way back (2011). It is a heavy-chunky-knit. I had purchased it from Gap, in Texas and this is all I needed when stepping out in the middle of winter. Texas winters do not require any heavy coats or jackets. This sweater continues to keep me warn in the north-east as well. My only gripe with it is the three-quarter sleeves. I do not like miss-matched sleeve length while layers and this is just an odd one to pair with any tees or tops. But I like it enough to still have it in my sweater repertoire. 



  1. I love chunky sweaters and yours look cozy and comfortable! Beautiful color!

  2. It looks like such a pretty knit!

  3. That looks so lovely and warm!

  4. Such a great sweater for the season. I love the pattern and color...the Gap has such great pieces.

  5. Those certainly are some deep morning thoughts to be having! I can relate, though usually my deep thoughts happen late at night when I'm attempting to sleep haha! I really love this sweater. It's got the loveliest color scheme.

  6. You can't go wrong with chunky knit sweaters. They're the best especially during Winter!


  7. I've loved your sweater series! This looks like a nice and warm sweater.

  8. I can't imagine a winter without piling on the layers and coats. Would be nice to just throw on a sweater and walk out! Love those colors for the season. xoxo, Sarah

  9. oh I love this! looks so comfortable & cute.

    xo Laura Leigh

  10. I'm loving this sweater series!You have so many cute ones! Love this knit pattern!



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