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Sweater Series: From Free People

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Sweater Series: Fifteenth Installment

Phew! I made it. It took me three week, but I am done archiving my sweaters on the blog. While I own four more sweaters which haven't make it to this series. Two of them happen to be pink and I had just worn them on the blog. The blush pink one paired with a red silk skirt, and bright pink one this dark flared denims. And the other two will be making an appearance next week, one of which happens to have a special use. So stay tuned, if you care. Ha! :) 

Oh and btw, I already donated this sweater since I wasn't loving the sleeves. So now I have a grand total of 18 sweaters. Now looking at that number, I do feel that's too many for a person to own. I definitely do not need another one. 

This red sweater is one of my favorites as well. I have had it for a few years and I inevitably always wearing it around the holidays because it feels so festive. This is from Free People, one of the brands which I used to shop from a lot in my 20s but have only visited a handful of times in my 30s. It is an observation I have made about my shopping habits, but without a reason or explanation to support. 


  1. I love this for Valentine's Day! I also really admire that you donate things you no longer wear, I know lots of people who just throw them away, and that's so sad to me :(

  2. How fun is this sweater?! So cute! Was a great series...really made me look at my own knit collection with fresh eyes. xoxo, Sarah

  3. This may be my favorite sweater you've shared yet. I love the kind of apr├Ęs-ski vibe to it! Very cute for winter weather.

  4. this was so fun to see your collection of sweaters! loved the whole series


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