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Fashion Sense Transcends Age

Chico's Zenergy Leggings

Recently, when I had worn one of my Chico's sweater, someone said that they had always considered Chico's to be a store for middle-aged women and were pleasantly surprised to see rather contemporary clothing that I get from there. That comment lead me to research for the first time what exactly is the age group for middle-age women in 2020. If you too are curious to know, then here it is: 

- young adulthood: 18 to 35 years 
- middle age: 36 to 55 years and 
- older adulthood: 56 years and older

By above standards I have now learnt that I am in fact a middle-age woman! However, while I take no issue with being 'middle-age', I do not believe clothing stores should be categorized by same standards. Clothings should be purchased with a shopping plan: assigned budget, need and fit. As long as the pieces are in sync with one's style it shouldn't really matter which store they are bought from. However, I would like to add, that no matter what one's age, with all the information we have we must stay away from fast fashion stores and buying only for the sake of buying. Forgive me if I sound like a broken record in this matter, but I cannot resist saying what must be said.
Chico's Coat
Also, while we are on the topic of middle-age women. Who says that fashion for that age group has to be frumpy or boring? Style doesn't scream "middle aged". Women of any age can look pulled together, sexy, and professional. It's all about incorporating right pieces into a wardrobe that you've carefully created with items that fit you so well they seem to have been made with your body in mind. Like this gorgeous wrap wool coat is made for my body! :) 
Chico's Jewelry 
Less is more is my personal style mantra. Choose pieces that have fewer embellishments and cleaner lines, you'll be able to get more wear out of them, pair them with more (trendy) things, and accessorize with your favorite jewelry pieces. They'll also make your look more polished than some of the busier pieces out there.

Chico's Sweaters

All the pieces (except sports bra) featured in this post are from Chico's. They are having a Semi Annual Sale Event - 12/26-1/14 – with Up to 70% off as well as Free standard shipping on orders $125+ If you are in market for luxe sweaters, or workout leggings or even accessories, you must check them out. 


  1. I agree style definitely isn't determined by age!

  2. I love the looks you chose. I too am "middle age" but I agree that it shouldn't mean dressing frumpy!

  3. I agree that age has got nothing to do with fashion. Love your picks!

  4. That is so true that age is not defined by style and vice versa! The outfits here are all so cute!

  5. I believe you should dress how you feel, and not based on your age. If you love it and it makes you feel good, wear it!

  6. I agree and my style is not defined by my age. I dress based on how I feel.

  7. I am a huge fan of Chicos and have shopped there for a long time.... honestly the first time was my senior year of High School believe it or not. Definitely overdue for a visit to refresh my wardrobe :)

  8. So many great pieces in this round up! I really love that cute cheetah sweater the most!


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