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The New Normal

Karen Cane Slacks On The Go
“I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.” - Georgia O’Keeffe, American artist

What a time to be alive eh? I don't even know how to put it in words any more. This unknown, unique feeling. It is there but I had never felt it before so I cannot describe it with a single adjective. I know it is not fear, it is not regret and it is not anxiety. It is all of it and nothing at all. Whatever this feeling is, it does seem to be something that is going to stick around for a while. It is now the new normal.

I know I said earlier that I was thriving, but I think I was overreaching there with my optimism. Now that the realist in me has merged with the optimist I know that I am not thriving. I am surviving. I am accepting this 'new normal' as the normal and not looking back or waiting for the past normal to come back. I have set two goals for myself during this period of isolation:

First is to exhaust everything in my pantry (all the flours, pasta, different spices, sugars, etc) so that in the end I can rebuilt it from scratch with minimal things and simplify my cooking and in turn my food consumption. I could throw it all out but I can't stand wastage so I find this a better alternative. It is helping me come up with new recipes and innovative ways to cook from what I have without adding any new ingredient to the pantry. 

Second, no points for guessing, is so stay active. While I do not want to obsess over my weight (because, hello? pandemic!) I do want to maintain my level of fitness, and in turn strength and endurance in the long run. What is challenging however is to find the motivation to workout at home every-fucking-day. I enjoy being outdoors, hence nature itself was motivation enough to get my ass to the park. I also love a good workout-class and knew that as long as I get myself to one, I will give my 110% there. But ... now I have to find motivation to workout on my own and that is hard. I have decided to invest in some cute sports bras and leggings to motivate myself. 

Over all I am staying sane. It has been five weeks since I have been in isolation  and I am still keeping my wits about it. I do recognize my privilege in this times. I have a safe home. I (still!) have a paying job. I have work to keep me occupied and productive. I have enough food to nourish and then some. My loved ones are safe and reachable through technology. And most importantly, everyday I am somehow able to navigate through the puddle of my new (and old) emotions and feelings and find mental peace and sleep soundly. It is more than I can ask for and I have gratitude for it all.

Karen Cane Slacks On The Go Karen Cane Slacks On The Go Karen Cane Slacks On The Go
Location - Maryland

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  1. Glad to hear you are doing well! Overall I'm doing well. It is a new normal, but right now I am able to handle it bc I know it is for the best.

  2. I think we were all overly optimistic at first but now that it has been so long with no end in sight it is so easy to get more and more anxious. we are all in this together!

    xx rebecca //

  3. Glad you're holding up. Sadly, not everyone is. Hang in there and we'll celebrate with a nice meal at a fancy restaurant when it's over. :)

  4. Tanvi, yes, right now it's about making it one day at a time. Your post resonated with me. I too plan to "spend down" the stock in my pantry and freezer. And my goal is to maintain weight and health. When I fret over the unknowns I try to bring myself back to the present.
    Hang in there!

  5. This will pass too! We will all come out stronger!

    Mariya |

  6. Thank you for this honest conversation. I too have a job still and am so thankful for that. The motivation to work out has seriously been a struggle, I'm with ya. But we got this! It'll be over so soon.


  7. It's such a stressful time for so many right now but stay positive and strong...we will all come out of this stronger. Love your outfit too!

  8. Glad to hear you’re doing okay! I’m definitely starting to feel it now but I’m just trying to stay busy ��

  9. it definitely can be a stressful time right now but so important to stay positive!

    cute & little

  10. Staying active has been key for me... even if it's just little walk breaks throughout the day.

  11. These are stressful times for sure! It's hard to stay motivated!

  12. It's such a weird and stressful time right now, but we are in this together!

  13. Working out is the hardest thing for me! I was at first thinking it would be so easy with my flex schedule but now it's so hard to get motivated. It's always worth it when I do though. I often feel the same way where I'm optimistic one minute and completely not okay the next. I totally get it :)

    -xo, Azanique |


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