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10 Random Things On My Mind

Salwar Kurta Jodhpur Rajasthan Tanvii.com

Random-o-sity: 10 Random Things On My Mind

1. I see people lose their shit over what some stranger said on social media all the time. Some lose their shit over other people losing their shit. I am a bemused spectator often. Engaging, seldom.

2. It is what you do with that anger that defines you as a person.

3. Finding people who match your energy is tough. Try finding people who can soak up parts of your energy you have to spare. Then, when you’re down, those people can give it back to you.

4. In the world where everyone tells you to be strong or remind you of your strength all I desire is for someone to hold my hand and say ,
"It's okay to be weak sometimes”.

5. When you are broken you get to decide how to put the pieces back together.

6. Poise & Passion - Two pillars of my personality. One allows people to consume me in small doses, the other helps me keep the apathetic at bay.

7. All is fair in love and war. This phrase has ruined all arguments forever.

8. Definition of patriarchy - The word literally means “rule of the father”, from the ancient Greek. It conveys the existence of a societal structure of male supremacy that operates at the expense of women.

9. Be the same person privately, publicly and personally. 

10. In the universe, there are things that are known and things that are unknown. In between there are doors. -Unknown

On to the pictures ... 

It has been a trend on this blog to be on a personal hiatus for the first few months and dig out old content to keep the blog alive. I have not shot any new content this year. All the previous posts were pending from December 2019. 

However, this takes the cake as today's post's pictures are years old. They never made it to the blog because #Laziness. 

Salwar Kurta Jodhpur Rajasthan Tanvii.com Salwar Kurta Jodhpur Rajasthan Tanvii.com Salwar Kurta Jodhpur Rajasthan Tanvii.com Salwar Kurta Jodhpur Rajasthan Tanvii.com
Location - Jodhpur, Rajasthan


  1. I enjoyed reading the random things on your mind. Very nice to get to learn someone else and what they're thinking.

  2. A nice collection of meaningful random thoughts here! And some beautiful pictures to go along with them.

  3. Lots of great thoughts here. #2 is so true and such an important reminder...we often get so swept up with day to day things which distract us from this truth. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us...it was such a nice read.

  4. It's nice of you to share your random thoughts with others :)

  5. Love number 9!! And so many other amazing points here! Also these photos are just beautiful!

  6. Number 9 is something that we all should practice all the time.

  7. Lovely photos! Love this post, especially #9 and #10. It's all so true! So important to be yourself.


  8. Kristine Nicole AlessandraFebruary 5, 2020 at 12:20 PM

    I should try and do something like this. I mean there are so many things on my mind than writing them down would help declutter my brain. Oh, and I love the location of your photo shoot too!

  9. These photos might be old, but they are magical! What a cool spot and great capture!

  10. Love #1 and these photos of you! People are nuts on social!


  11. I love these random thoughts. A lot of them make total sense and a few of them have crossed my mind as well.

  12. Wow i cant believe these pictures hadnt made it to the blog before- they are so beautiful!!

  13. I like #10 (In the universe, there are things that are known and things that are unknown. In between there are doors. -Unknown). Reading that really made me think about life and about stepping out of my comfort zone. You never really know more about life if you don't take that first "daring" step.


  14. I have never given value and importance to leaving thoughts in my mind, but sometimes it is really all we need also to reconnect with ourselves.

  15. These photos may be old but I love them! Such a great location.


  16. Pictures are stunning and I appreciate your thoughts....some great takeaways and some I've often wondered on myself. xoxo, Sarah

  17. The photos are stunning to say the least wow!!! And I love what you said about what you do with the anger defines you as a person, so true.

  18. I am loving that rose gold tone on your photos. I say, not #laziness but #busy!

  19. I like reading posts like this, the photos look amazing! Such intricate architecture xo


  20. The random things on your mind seemed to make more sense to me actually. Also totally love the photos you have showcased here.

  21. Great thoughts, and I love your photos! Definitely lots of great positivity in this post.


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