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What I Wore in Prague & Budapest

Prague + Budapest Tanvii.com

One of my favorite things about travel is planning my outfits for the trip. I am aware that I am in the minority, but I do love packing (for myself). It is like a jigsaw puzzle, where I have to be efficient with what I pack, yet look stylish, while being comfortable and also myself.

I have been discussing travel packing on the blog for over a decade. Not much has changed in my packing style, if anything it has gotten down to the science of it all. I am not one of those people who packs for "what if". I have a list (and a plan) and I stick to it, for everything else there is Mastercard :) 

Here's how I planned my outfits for my recent trip to Prague & Budapest: 

1.  First and foremost I check the weather - I knew it was going to be end of summer and was expecting cool evenings. I packed separates with several tops and t-shirts as that's the best way to get more use out of your travel wardrobe. However, unfortunately the week I was there it was dreadfully hot and humid. While I was prepared, I did have to buy a couple of tee shirts since no piece of clothing could have been repeated twice as it was all drenched in sweat.

2. Planned the activities - I try and make sure to reference the activities list so that I have outfits for everything I plan on doing. Starting with items that are essential for an activity and then build the outfit from there. For example, if I will be walking all day, I start with a pair of sneakers and build my outfit around it.

3. Selected a focal point for the outfit
I picked out my two pairs of footwear which I planning to carry. One of them were the pair of old Adidas Superstar. I have truly gotten back every dollar I had spent on them. They have traveled the world with me and still are going strong. The reason I chose them for the trip was: 
a) I needed a comfortable pair for all the walking that the trip involved and 
b) I received this fun shoe accessory from FRINGE which I was dying to style and test. 

If you to are looking to elevate your sneaker style, FRINGE’s accessory line of attachable shoe fringe will help you update and customize your favorite pair of lace-up footwear. See my outfits below for example.

N.B. Stick with clothes you already know and love - a trip is not the best time to experiment with a new shape or fabric, since the item may end up being uncomfortable.

Eight Outfits Two Pairs of Shoes Tanvii.com 1
Skirt | Tee | Shoes | c/o Fringe

Eight Outfits Two Pairs of Shoes Tanvii.com 2
Shirt Dress Shoes | Bagc/o Fringe

Eight Outfits Two Pairs of Shoes Tanvii.com 3
Pants | Tee | Footwear | Sunglasses

Eight Outfits Two Pairs of Shoes Tanvii.com 4

Eight Outfits Two Pairs of Shoes Tanvii.com 5
Skirt | Top | ScarfShoes | c/o Fringe

Eight Outfits Two Pairs of Shoes Tanvii.com 6
TeePants | Cap | Shoes | c/o Fringe

Eight Outfits Two Pairs of Shoes Tanvii.com 7
Skirt | Tee | Shoes | c/o Fringe

Travel Outfit
Eight Outfits Two Pairs of Shoes Tanvii.com 8
Jumpsuit | TeeShoes | c/o Fringe | Backpack

Last but not the least my travel outfit. I usually wear the same thing on the flight to-and-back with another pair of t-shirt most likely. And there you have it - this is what I wore on my trip to Prague and Budapest.

What is your must-have item while packing for a trip?


  1. Kristine Nicole AlessandraSeptember 16, 2019 at 3:22 AM

    That shoe accessory is so cute! I want to have one too. I also take a pair of sneakers/rubber shoes with me every time I travel. It is just more comfortable and offers the right kind of support I need when I walk around visiting beautiful places. I love your outfit with the yellow tee and skirt, and of course your lovely sneakers with Fringe.

  2. So many fun outfits! I love that you mixed skirts and sneakers!

  3. Loved the outfits you wore! I really like that the entire time your outfits are comfortable. That is what I look for in my travel outfits. My favorites are on day 2 and day 6.


  4. Ah so many great outfits!! I am so jealous of this trip! Love how you wore sneakers with all of your dresses!

  5. I love the pink detail in your kicks! You are the cutest!

  6. The fringe you added to your sneakers is SO cute Tanvi! And I love how you repeated elements on your trip in different looks. My husband hates checking bags and it's always a fun challenge -- and a struggle -- to get several cute looks into a carry-on. You've inspired me for our next trip!

  7. Your travel outfits are the perfect combination of comfy and cute!

  8. You looked charming, lovely, comfy and absolutely adorable. The place was a dreamlike destination and you seemed to be at home.

  9. I like your travel outfits. They look comfy...I also like the pink touch on your sneakers.

  10. Love all your outfits. It looks like an amazing trip!


  11. You look wonderful in each outfit! I have a similar process but don’t think of the shoes until the end to chose what will be comfortable and will go with all of my outfits! I will try it your way next time :)

    I was in Prague and Budapest at the end of June and it was the hottest week there! ��

  12. May sound silly but really amazed to see how jumpsuits are comfortable for you especially for long distance travelling..does it not irritate you when using toilet??

    1. I know what you mean, but this specific one is great for travel. There are no zips and wide leg. It comes off very easily.

  13. These are some super cute outfits. This looks like an amazing trip.

  14. So many cute travel outfits. Comfy shoes are a must and I love your sneakers! SO cute!


  15. Haha, maybe you should start a business of packing for people, since it's usually the least favorite activity! I never feel like I can pull of sneakers, but you made them look so cute!
    Chic on the Cheap

  16. Such great ideas! And a helpful post for fellow travelers!

  17. Absolutely love these outfits! And how darling are those sneakers with the sparkly detail on top? Ah, I love them all!

  18. such great (and versatile) outfits!

  19. I am loving your outfits babe! My favorites are day 2 and day 4 outfits, so cute!

    cute & little

  20. I love that most of your outfits looked comfortable and casual, but still trendy and cute! I'm dying to travel to that side of the world.

  21. Day two is my favorite! Absolutely love that combo!

    xo Laura Leigh

  22. You literally have the best travel style ever! All of these looks are beautiful, yet practical!

  23. You had such a stylish trip! I love the fringe on your sneakers - so fun!

  24. So cute! Day one and three are my favs! Looks like the best trip! xo

  25. Love the outfits you picked and its important to check the forecast - thats why we pack layers too!

  26. The fringe accents on your sneakers are so cute!!

  27. Absolutely love the outfits you put together, I need to start planning my outfits

  28. Definitely two of my favorite cities! Wishing I had been smart enough to think to wear sneakers around them quite a bit more! These looks are so chic and looks like you had such an amazing time.

  29. Love all these outfits. I'm carrying a pair of white sneakers too. I don't have the fringe but I tried a new lacing pattern for my shoe laces.


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