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I Am Bursting With Renewed Energy

Saree, Leather Jacket, Boots, Tanvii.com 

First Monday of a brand new year. Are you rejuvenated? I sure am! 

I am bursting with renewed energy and ready to take on the bull by the horns. A week off from all-things-work did wonders. Social media is really a time-suck. This year I am going to strive to find ways to utilize social media while maintaining healthy-lifestyle-practices offline, away from all gadgets and technology. It will be a challenge, but I am up to it. P.S. Happy New Year!

Moving on to the outfit ... I have had this look on my rails for over two years. But for on or the other reason it never happened - too cold, too windy, snowing, shoots cancelled, and before you know it winter is gone. Alas, it happened with Manit. He is a student and is pursuing photography as a hobby. I love how these pictures turned out. We were brainstorming ideas for the shoot and when he suggested 'saree' - I knew it was time to make this look happen. He definitely captured my vision for this outfit. 

I had for the longest time wanted to wear a saree with a leather (or denim?) jacket and boots, and if given a chance I would totally wear this look to a real wedding too. So someone invite me?

Photography by Manit
Saree, Leather Jacket, Boots, Tanvii.com Saree, Leather Jacket, Boots, Tanvii.com Saree, Leather Jacket, Boots, Tanvii.com Saree, Leather Jacket, Boots, Tanvii.com Saree, Leather Jacket, Boots, Tanvii.com
Location - Maryland

Saree - Vintage
Leather Jacket - Theory // Similar
Boots - Similar
Belt - UO // Similar
Necklace - ASOS // Similar



  1. Good for you! And this outfit is a killer. Adding the leather jacket and boots turn it into something special.

    1. Thank you! I am glad it turned out the way I had imagined :)

  2. This is such a great post! It has literally taken me until today to get motivated to get back to work. On another note, I absolutely love this entire outfit! So beautiful!

  3. These photos turned out so well! I love it! And your Saree is gorgeous!


  4. It’s so pretty and formidable :) And the fire hydrant is doing wonders to the pic !
    Happy New Year to you too Tanvi and my best wishes in your journey to find your tech-life balance. Keen to hear it.

  5. I love the leather jacket and saree together, I've never seen that before! these photos turned out beautifully too :)

    Hope that you've had a wonderful start to 2019 so far! :) Happy new year!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. Wow, this look is so pretty! :)

    X Merel

  7. Such a unique twist with the leather jacket. How fun! I hope you have the best new year :)

  8. Love the combination of leather jacket, saree and leather belt.

  9. I think that's a great goal for the new year and I am loving your outfit! It is so gorgeous and I love the print!

    cute & little

  10. I am loving the saree and leather jacket together! it gives the outfit an edge! I love where you took the pictures!

  11. I did a maaaajor social media/work detox over the holidays (over a week) and I can't tell you how renewed I felt afterwards, too! It's so needed, and so often overlooked.

    xx, Danielle | www.pineappleandprosecco.com

  12. I enjoy everything about this post, I hope you have enjoyed the new year so far!!! xo


  13. WOW these are gorgeous photos and I totally agreeee about your goals with social media for the new year! I feel the same!

    xx rebecca

  14. Good for you lady! And this leather jacket is absolutely making the outfit - love the edgy touch it adds.

    xo Laura Leigh

  15. Yes to social media/real life balance! It's hard but can be done! I also love the leather with the saree. You look fabulous!!


  16. That's the way to start the year, with renewed energy, new goals and being focused. Thank you for sharing!!


  17. You look amazing in this Saree and leather jacket! Everyone could use some balance in their life.

  18. I love this! These photos are so beautiful!

  19. Taking blogging/social media breaks every now and then is good for the soul!

  20. I heard someone say on the radio this morning, "don't let the things you love to do consume you" and I immediately thought about social media. And now after reading this and you saying how much a break from it helped, I think it's a sign! hahah .. probably taking a social media break this weekend! Thanks for the inspiration!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  21. I love that you put your own spin on the leather jacket trend, this looks incredible!

  22. loved reading this post and i took a social media break over the holidays too -- much needed!

    cute & little

  23. Good for you! Definitely the perfect way to start out the new year and new week! And this outfit is seriously so good, with the pops of pink and leather! You look awesome!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  24. Loved going through your blog post. The photoshoot is amazing and look absolutely gorgeous in the sari.

    - Bengal Looms | https://www.bengallooms.com


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