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Have No Shame In Repeating Your Outfits

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I honestly cannot believe that even today women have the fear of repeating their outfit. According to a recent study commissioned by London-based sustainability firm Hubbub, 41% of all 18-25-year-olds feel the pressure to wear a different outfit every time they go out. How sad is that? While it is considered perfectly acceptable for a man to wear the same suit to work, or T-shirt and jeans to social functions, women often feel pressure to wear something different to every occasion. Which helps to fuel a rampant culture of fast fashion. If you have not seen the documentary "The True Cost" I would strongly urge you to check it out. It is on Netflix.

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I don't know about you, but I am 100% unabashedly proud of repeating my outfits. I have a wardrobe filled with quality clothing, which can be mixed and matched to be worn a million different ways. But then also there are days when I'm pressed for time, exhausted, or simply just not feeling creative enough to style a totally fresh outfit. Thankfully for us outfit repeaters, there are so many tips and tricks out there for re-wearing our favorite pieces but in an extremely low-key way.

“As women, we’ve collectively broken many glass ceilings, but still seem to be laboring under the cotton-silk-rayon-makeup-and-heels ceiling.” - Ariana Huffington

Guide to repeating your Outfits

Around different people
This is one of the most primitive rule out there. If you have to repeat the same outfit/look from head to toe, make sure it is around different social circles.

Vary the styling
The way you style your outfit is very important. For instance you want to repeat a blazer and you have already worn it with a white button and jeans. Next time around, replace all the other two with say a skirt and a blouse. Tada! You are now repeating in style.

Switch up accessories
This one holds essentially true for when you are trying to repeat a dress and do not wish to add any outerwear. Wear a different necklace or skip the necklace altogether and go for statement earrings instead. Also remember that scarves, hats and shoes are accessories too and hence switching them will create a huge difference.

Switch your hairstyle and makeup
Even if it is not a major difference, these details matter as well. A black maxi dress worn with open hair once and later with an intricate updo and red lipstick will feel and look different.

Solid pieces Vs Statement
It is obvious that solid colors can be repeated more often and easily than prints and statement pieces. So take care of this fact and before repeating your printed outfit, make sure there is a reasonable gap. And just so you know, ‘reasonable’ varies from person to person and wardrobe to wardrobe. Some women repeat clothes fortnightly and some not even for more than a month.

Different Occasion
There are a lot of garments that are versatile enough to be worn at different occasions. A blouse that works at work, may also work for the evening with say a sequins skirt.

Below are some of the repeated looks from just 2018
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Do you repeat your outfits?


  1. Love these tips!

    Mariya | www.brunetteondemand.com

  2. I'm glad you're calling attention to this. The practice is the worst of sexism (valuing women on their appearance, making gals feel guilty for no reason) and hurts the environment and pocketbook. Repeating a good or comfortable outfit is nothing to be ashamed of.

  3. I love that you shared this because I have no shame in repeating outfits! I do this all the time and showcase the same pieces on my blog numerous times!


  4. Yes girl!! Outfit repeater right here! You're so right though that with a little styling variation it can become a whole new look!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  5. This is such a fabulous post because sometimes I struggle with how to wear the same thing in a different way!

  6. I think its so important to show an outfits versatile! Love how you shared different looks!

  7. These are great suggestions Tanvi! YES to repeating outfits in my book, who really needs to wear a different outfit every single day? Repeating looks with a few changes is a fun way to play. Love all the examples you gave in this post. If I had to pick a favorite set it would be the yellow jumpsuit!

  8. Huge outfit repeater! I love wearing the same look and styling just a little different. It's honestly my favorite!

    xo Laura Leigh

  9. Yes girl! I am all about outfit repeating! When you find a top and bottom that go perfectly together it only makes sense to keep styling them together!

  10. Oh yes girl, I am queen of rewearing outfits lol! If I love it enough its hard to take it off!

  11. These are great examples of how much different styling and accessories can change an outfit! Well done!

  12. I totally repeat my outfits!! I'm all about finding new ways to wear the same pieces.

    xo, Laura

  13. Wow.. such a unique way to alternate the dresses. Surely people gonna love these tactics. Loved it. Loved from Brown Girl Things

  14. I love that stripe skirt! You repeat outfits so gracefully :)

    -xo, Azanique | www.lotsofsass.com


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