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I Am A 'Closet Romantic'

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I love, love. 

I love romantic movies. I love romantic gestures. I think I am finally embracing the romantic in me ... I have been in denial for this long ... or may be a 'closet romantic' all this while. 

I am enamored with the concept of love, but I do not really enjoy nauseating 'display' of love. Excessive PDA *eye.roll* There is a difference between expressing the emotion to the person you love versus displaying the emotion for the benefit of others. You know what I mean? The prior is beautiful and makes me believe in true love and all things good versus the later wants me to slap the daylight out of people (I exaggerate, but pretty close).

I am also realizing that youth < the period when you are carefree, take risks without over thinking, and make bad decisions > is so short lived. You can be young-at-heart forever but your youth leaves you pretty damn quickly. I wanna say I don't have any regrets, because that is what you are apparently supposed to say, but dammit I wish I could go back and re-live my youth. I would do a lot of things differently. And make a lot of bad decisions. Being good, wasn't all that fun in hindsight. 

I have been watching romantic movies, and re-watching my old favorites. Hence, these thoughts. If you there is a romantic movie that you enjoyed and would like to recommend, please let me know in the comments below, language no-bar.

Moving on to the outfit ... it has been tundra temperatures around here already. It even snowed last week. There is nothing cute about this look. I am bundled up in cozy layers, talking of which obsessed with this recycled super soft teddy sweater
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Location - Maryland

Sweater - c/o prAna // Same
Jeans - c/o Chico's // Same
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  1. You had me at romantic 😁 - I am beginning to feel we all (especially the Xennials born 1975-1985 in India - due to the leap we had in socio cultural exposure) are romantics by heart /birth and refused to believe so either by popular culture or by true belief.
    At 37 (last year) I finally accepted myself to be a hopeless romantic - closet seems like a better description. I’d still add hopeless for myself ;)
    As for regrettable mistakes, I have had my fill and come to terms with it - mostly - and see most of it as learning. Hard but it comes when you start seeing the world for what you know/want it to be and not through some lens. Should I be grateful for it ? I don’t know. The few I hurt back then wouldn’t certainly agree.
    For me unrequited love is by far the most romantic kind. Call me cliched but I have a few of them and it’s always much much better in your head ;)
    Bad with movie titles but one that I have and would watch over and over again is Jodhaa Akbar! A few that stand out in my head are - a French one - De vrais mensonges (Beautiful Lies) starring Audrey Tautou, Barefoot in the Park (oldie but a goodie) and more recently Highway (the One with Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt)
    It’s a personal topic and thank you for sharing and getting us to share as well! Xx

  2. There is one line in this post that absolutely resonated with me: being good wasn't all that fun, in hindsight. If I could do my youth over again, I would take so many more risks and make so many more mistakes. It's now that my youth is over that I realise those risks and mistakes shape us and make us who we are.

  3. Such of great post! Love this outfit too! That pullover looks so cozy!

  4. You are so right and our youth goes by way too fast! I don't know if I would like to go back but it definitely has taught me to take advantage of life as it comes! I'm also a sucker for romantic movies. Can't wait to see what others recommend!


  5. I'm such a romatic. And hopefully one day soon, I'll find my life-long partner!

  6. You're so right about being good wasn't fun-haha, that was me! Always the rule follower. Oh well, can't go back! Love your pink pull-over, it looks so cozy!


  7. I love love love this post. I am a romantic for sure!

  8. That pullover looks so cozy! And I am such a romantic as well!

  9. This pullover looks so warm! Loved this, thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  10. Thank you for emphasizing the difference between expressing and displaying the emotion. Love is a beautiful thing.

  11. I love to watch The Holiday this time of year, such a sweet movie!!

  12. I am also a romantic at heart! It is such a great thing to see the world through love!

  13. I love romantic Holiday movies! Cant wait to put on Love Actually!

    xo, Whitney


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