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Why I Prefer My Own Company

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Over the last decade, I have often contemplated why I prefer my own company over others. Whenever I go through these phases I lay my cumbersome thoughts on my husband and nudge him to give me company to get out of our bubble. I have lost count of how many times I have tried and pushed myself to get out of my comfort zone and socialize with people. Each time I have returned to my bubble with the same conclusion - people are not my cup of coffee.

It is so taxing to maneuver through people's moods, likes and opinions. I am seldom interested in people's personal lives. I am even less interested in sharing anything personal about my life. While having conversations, I have started gauging my response to ensure what I say leaves little-to-no margin for any return questions or further explanations.

I am not interested in the day-to-day or redundant details of people's routines. I like talking about ideas, thoughts and feelings. But looks like no one else is interested. Hence, books!

Moving on to the outfit, is these anything more chic than a pair of jeans that fits you to the T and a crisp white blouse? I am embracing simplicity for fall this year. Solid colors and clear lines are my jam!

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Location - Washington D.C.

Top - c/o Chico's // Another Option
Jeans - c/o Chico's X NYDJ // Same
Earrings & Ring - c/o Chico's
Shoes - Same
Bag - Mulberry // Same


  1. I'm the same way, and I just like hanging out by myself. There is nothing wrong with that!


  2. Love your cute blouse! The asymmetrical neckline is everything!


  3. The neckline on that top is my favorite! And thanks for reminding me, I need to pick up some new books. I have a lot of free time on my hands lately!

  4. This is such a cute outfit babe. I love this top, so pretty!

    cute & little

  5. Most people aren't my cuppa tea either. They're so focussed on the small things in life and just plod along under the radar. Where are the free thinkers and philosophers? I would give anything to be transported back in time so I can debate deep issues with Socrates, Plato and Hypatia. And I honestly believe that it is only when we are silently alone with ourselves that we get to know our most authentic self. That's when we find our essence and finally become free to express our creative souls. So let yourself explore YOU for as long as you like. It's worth it ;-)

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  7. Being solo at times is so cool, I love shopping on a Wednesday afternoon all alone! PS. love your top :)

  8. I'm with you lady! I love being by myself and working from home everyday. It really is the best! And I don't think there is anything wrong with it either!

    xo Laura Leigh

  9. I hear you on this! My hubby is similar! LOVE this look

  10. I LOVE my alone time (and my time with books) so I totally feel ya! This look is super chic and I love the print on your heels :)

  11. I am completely with you on this! I'm an only child and LOVE my alone time! I am also extremely particular on who i choose to bring into my life at this age.

  12. This outfit is so simple and chic! You're inspiring me for my Casual Friday outfit!

    How 2 Wear It [] http://how2wearit.com

  13. So true...I love relationships/friendships that do not require all this effort. Unfortunately such people are far and few. I used to think something is wrong with me, that i am unable to make friends but after years I have realised that it's not me, it's them. I would love to meet you someday,I bet the conversation would be amazing. 😊

  14. Such an interesting thing to learn about yourself. Sounds like the true marking of an introvert!

  15. I’ve grown to think the same way over the years. It’s growth!


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