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My Experience working out with Total Gym FIT

Total Gym Fit 
This post is in collaboration with Total Gym

I have owned the Total Gym Fit for about a month and I have been enjoying working out on it so far. It is a good platform for someone wanting to lose weight and improve their overall fitness. It can also be used as a muscle builder and is a very good solution for the majority of people who are just looking for a way to improve their overall fitness. You can put it up and take it down as needed, however I found it much easier to establish a dedicated fitness room for my Total Gym. The unit offers a huge number of exercises, allowing you to keep your workouts fresh. It's an awesome machine that works every single muscle group. I am so happy with how easy it is to use and I'm very happy with my results so far.

Total Gym Fit

1. Total Gym allows a variety of exercises, so you never get bored.
There are over 80 different exercises targeting different muscles on the Total Gym FIT. Plus, additional kits can be purchased to do non-traditional exercises like Pilates. Plus, Total Gym provides resources like DVDs, Workout Cards and Programs, plus additional videos on their blog so you get the most out of your machine. There are probably 100 different already created workouts on the site (like my new favorite – Lose a Dress Size in 4 Weeks.

Total Gym Fit

2. Total Gym can provide results in 30 mins.
This machine is quite literally a "total gym". You are able to workout your whole body in 30 mins or less and break into a sweat. If do not need any other equipment, it is a one-stop for full body exercises.

Total Gym Fit

3. Total Gym is easier on joints, while still building muscle mass.
It is important to follow the instructions and tips on the cards that Total Gym provides for each exercise. These tips help correct form for optimal results. I found the machine to be similar to the Pilates reformer with cords. If you have concerns about joints or strenuous movements, this is an ideal investment. It does not affect your knees or lower back or other body parts which are common sore spots during weight training.

Total Gym Fit

4. Total Gym is easy to set up and put away when not in use.
I would not use the word “easy” to describe putting it away and setting it back up. However, once you start using it regularly, it gets easier and familiar. But personally, I have assigned a full-time spot for it in my home gym aka garage. 

   Total Gym Fit  Total Gym Fit Total Gym Fit

Below is a list of pros and cons: 

  1. You can work all of your muscle groups on the Total Gym
  2. It's amazing for Pilates (it functions just like a pilates reformer!)
  3. It uses your own body weight for resistance so there are no dangers of heavy weights
  4. It's slender and doesn't take up a lot of space. It can even fold up.
  5. It's well made and built to last - there are really no major parts to break
  6. You can do assisted pullups and hamstring curls! This usually requires additional equipment!
  7. It can function as an incline (or flat) weight bench if you wanted to use free weights
  8. You can modify most of the exercises to hit your main muscles and engage your core.
  9. It's easy to adjust the resistance levels between exercises
  10. It comes with easy to install attachments
  • You are limited in weight by your own body weight.
  • There are 12 levels of resistance on the Total Gym FIT. With over 80 exercises such as circuit training and slow training you can constantly challenge yourself. Additionally, a weight bar attachment can be purchased separately to increase weight, if needed. 
  • I'd personally rather do most leg work on the floor than on the Total Gym (squats, lunges, etc.)
  • The Total Gym FIT comes with a leg pulley attachment for leg resistance exercises. It also comes with a squat stand which is great if you want to squat with reduced pressure on your joints.

  • You should wear a ponytail while using the machine because your hair can get stuck in the track. 

All in all I would highly recommend Total Gym to anyone looking to make an investment in their fitness regime. This is a really effective and comprehensive machine which focuses on every body part.

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(I have a Total Gym FIT.)

This post was sponsored by Total Gym. All opinion mentioned are my own. 


  1. How nice that you have a home gym and the space to set it up. This machine sounds really useful!

  2. This sounds like a great home workout machine! I'll check it out!


  3. I'm terrible at getting myself to a gym (or saving up the money to pay for a membership), and working out at home by myself can be so un-motivating because I love using machines. This is a great compromise. I've heard wonderful things, so now I want to invest in it for my future home!

  4. This looks like something that I can invest in as it's not so strenuous to start work off with.

  5. I would love one of these in my house!

  6. There was a time before 25th may 2017 when I was a workout freak. Now I can't workout anymore but due to certain reasons but I love reading about it. It makes me happy.

  7. I love that this can fold up but yet offers so much. Not having much space but wanting to stay in shape it is something I have been looking for.

  8. This looks awesome and a great way to get a full body work out in at home! I love the variety of exercises you can do on one machine!


  9. this is tempting me to go to gym when i see ur physique but i have never been to gym and makes me worry how i end uo looking trying. this is a best way to do a work out at home not having ppl to see

  10. What I dislike most about working out is that I have to drive to a gym. I like the that the equipment is multi purpose and all in one. Easy. Thanks for the rundown.

  11. Sounds like a good option! Thank you for your honest opinion about the product.


  12. this seems like a great way to get a total work put, while busy on the go. i love jow you have mentioned the cons and the work arounds. why do yoh prefer to do you leg exercises off teb gym though ?

  13. Its great to have the option to work out at home when you can't make it to the gym, but I still prefer working out at the gym.

  14. I love that it offers so many different exercises! that has always been my hesitancy about getting any home gym equipment - the idea that I can then only do one thing and feeling likei have to do it since i spent money on it. Being able to change up you workouts seems great!
    Lee \ LegalLee Blonde

  15. This looks like a great option for home equipment!

  16. Total Gym Fit looks like a great powerhouse. I have been contemplating investing in something like that and your post is an inspiration.

  17. This looks really cool. Glad to hear your pros and cons and the info about ponytails.

  18. Wow I love this - I've been really considering at-home equipment so this looks fabulous!!!

  19. Total Gym looks like a great tool to have at your expense, if you are limited on space I love the different exercises you can get out of one piece of equipment!

  20. Wow, this sounds awesome! Loving your at home gym set up - my dream!! I cant wait to move to a house one day so I can have a little home gym too!

    xx Mollie

  21. So jelly of your in-home gym set up! I love that you can work all muscle groups with one machine!

  22. I seriously need this right now. I have been wanting to set up a home gym now that I am about to start BBG!

  23. Omg I'm always afraid to do these kinds of machines because I'm scared my hair will get caught!! Im so glad you mentioned that haha so it's not just me!

  24. I was going to say that this totally looks like a Pilates Reformer! This is my dream. I love Pilates!
    xo Jessica

  25. A home gym sounds so amazing to me. You have the perfect set up!

    Megan |

  26. OK I totally need a system like this at my own home! It would be SO helpful!

  27. This machine looks and sounds absolutely amazing! I would LOVE this!

    xo Laura Leigh
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  28. We had a total gym at my parents house when I was growing up and it was great!

    How 2 Wear It []

  29. My Mom has one of these and totally loves it! It looks like a great workout!

  30. This sounds like a great at home workout!! My husband and I are currently working on setting up a small at home gym so I'll have to check it out!

    xo, Laura


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