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Traveling Is A Practice In Patience

Views From Valletta

I have come to the conclusion that traveling is a practice in patience. Whenever we see someone else's travel pictures or hear their stories what most of them fail to share is how many times things didn't go as planned. Lost luggage, missed/cancelled flights, poor/expensive food options, and hundreds other variable which are not at all in your control no matter how well you research and plan your trip. It is at those times that one needs to conjure up all the patience you can to deal with the situations. And boy, it is not easy. 

Close second to travel, what I believe has improved my level of patience in life is marriage! And when both come together, I feel no less than Hulk, trying to keep her poise. Side note: I honestly can’t imagine how the “full time couple bloggers” do what they do. How they not drive each other mad? As someone who really loves her ‘me time’ and enjoys her own company, I don’t thing I could work, live and travel with the same person every second of my life. Le sigh!

But getting back to what I was trying to say earlier ... Traveling too has been a learning curve, like everything else in life. Traveling is wonderful. It is rejuvenating. It expands and enriches you. But most importantly, it teaches you how to live, which personally had been the most gratifying. Things I have learned about living life through traveling: 

  • how to focus on the positive when nothing is going right
  • how to make the most of whatever hand life deals you
  • how to stay in the present
  • how to not worry about future or the unknown too much
  • how to stay happy no matter what 

What has travel taught you?

Views From Valletta Views From Valletta Views From Valletta Views From Valletta
Location - Valletta, Malta

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  1. You're right, we see the great travel photos, but no ones shares the struggles like getting lost or trying to understand what they're saying to you in another language.
    Love your photos!

  2. Great post. Yes, wisdom can be acquired through hardship and travel can be full of that. With a wrong attitude, travel can be miserable (I see this all the time) but, with the right attitude, all experience can be seen as rewarding. When you remember that stories of things going wrong on the road are often the most memorable, you can adopt that frame of mind while they're happening. These days, I almost never have a bad time when travelling because my joy doesn't come from things going as planned. I roll with situations, planned and unexpected.

  3. Traveling has taught me to accept things I can't change. I absolutely love traveling with my husband. I really think we could do it full-time, because we somehow come together to make unusual situations work. Like that time he booked a flight to the wrong airport which caused us to have to travel like the locals to get to our destination 7 hours away. Yikes! We worked it out as a team though. And that made the trip so memorable.

  4. I couldn't agree more! More patience is definitely needed in unfamiliar territory and when you carry all your belongings in a suitcase as well. Especially traveling with three kids, we have to have a go with the flow attitude and expect the unexpected, but it's *so* worth it....

  5. So so true. I love to travel but have been in some anxiety inducing situations. Lots of people dont speak about that side of travelling. still worth it but its always a good reminder that not everything can be perfect.

  6. I'm with you on this one Tanvi. I love my hubby to bits BUT I cannot imagine spending every waking moment with him, we would drive each other up the wall and even if we travel together we both handle certain situations completely differently. He hates the crowds around the carousel and I usually end up chatting to everyone :D And if we lose our baggage; it's only happened once fortunately, I go into super stress mode and he's like "oh well, I can wear these cloths for the next few days, no problem".

  7. Can I get an amen? Travel is so fun, but brings about a lot of anxiety for me due to other people!

  8. What a beautiful destination!I feel like airports are the worst part of traveling. That is one spot which tests my patience the most. Love your post!


  9. Such truth to this post! I think there has never NOT been a hiccup with every trip I've been on, but you live and you learn!

    xx, Danielle | Pineapple & Prosecco

  10. Oh yes, I agree! there are so many factors involved. But that's part of the journey right? Haha!

  11. I completely agree! Traveling can test your patience in ways that you never imagined. But I think that's part of the reason why traveling helps you grow! Not only does it allow you to explore other cultures, but it also helps you learn how to handle all types of different situations.

    xx Mollie

  12. I could not agree more!!! Traveling teaches us so many life lessons, yet is so rewarding!!


  13. I totally agree! I have no idea how traveling couple bloggers spend that much time with each other but I think there is something beautiful about being able to travel together. I love your insight girl :)

    -xo, Azanique |

  14. Oh man, I love this post. Traveling is a complete nightmare ALL the time! I can't remember a time when it actually went perfectly.

  15. That is so true what you said about patience in travel and marriage! Both require lots of it but both are also TOTALLY worth it!

    How 2 Wear It []

  16. Oh my gosh you couldn't be more accurate! Lots and lots of patience haha.

    xo Laura Leigh

  17. Loved your post! Travel can definitely be stressful at times and finding that zen and patience is so key. Loved this! Adding kiddos in has taken it to another level inregards to me trying to find patience. Love your outfit.

  18. You rightly say, travel teaches patience. Many things unlikely and unpredictable happen all the time during travel, throwing challenges which can be met only through patience. Love your pics with lovely dress.

  19. Rightly said :) Travel surely brings in patience :) Loved the similarity u brought for marriage in it :) as always well written!!

  20. I agree! I have definitely learned to have more practice while traveling, though it isn't always easy. :D Great photos, BTW.

  21. That place looks marvelous, I love the colors of the buildings and houses. On topic, what I learned most from traveling is humility. It took a few trips before I realized how much I can by myself and what I can actually carry.

  22. This was such an interesting read! I really enjoyed it, and as I was reading the list of the things you've learned while travelling I was thinking "I learnt exactly the opposite to many of those things!". Having grown-up in a poor and unfair environment you get all these lessons learnt well at very young age. You focus on the positive because most of the time nothing is going right. You ought to make the most of whatever life gives you, because you have no choice. You stay in the present because there's not much perspective and a huge incertitude about the future. Above all: the most important is always the people, family friends but also people in general. Because the rest is not worthy. The first time I traveled to Europe I learnt that we could claim and be heard. I was astonished! My luggage got lost. And I was ready to resign and accept my fate. But a lady told me "you ought to claim for it and they will search for it! if they don't find it they ought to pay to you!!" I was in total and absolute AWE. You mean someone really cares about my belongings? you mean I have rights?
    Yes, I've been learning a lot about that since then and I even got used to.

  23. I have found that adopting an attitude of "this is another adventure" really helps when things go awry in traveling. With 3 children, we have lots of adventures!

  24. I have heard so many stories lately about blogger's luggage getting lost! Its crazy!! But I love love your skirt- so fun!! xo

  25. On the contrary, I can't imagine myself living with someone whom I don't want to travel with. It would be so sad if it has come to a point (at least for me) where I don't want to share the travel experience with. Maybe because my travel partner aka le boyfriend has been great so far!


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