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Why You Should Invest In Solid Colors

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Over the years, in my quest to create a functional and minimalist wardrobe, I have realized the importance of solids in my closet. If you browse through my outfit posts here you will notice the abundance of solid colors for all occasions. Don't get my wrong, I love prints and patterns as much as the next person, but they are not conducive to bringing most bang for your buck. They are bright and attract attention which means you cannot wear them frequently among the same social circles. They are often tricky to mix and match with other prints/patterns in your closet. 

Solids on the other hand, are: 
  1. Ideal basic layer
  2. Versatile to wear 
  3. Give you more bang for your buck
  4. Not as eye catching (hence, versatile!) as prints
  5. Easy to style and mix and match
Below are some of my looks from all seasons where I have styled solids sometimes as a layer and other times as a mix-match element to my look. 

Chilly Spring Uniqlo Skirt Cos Blouse Tanvii.com
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Winter Look Nordstrom Tanvii.com
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Cobalt Sweater Dress Tanvii.com
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I have come to realize the value of investing in good quality of solids, as they have turned out of my the most worn pieces in my closet. As you can see you can style them all year round. 

What are you thoughts about solids? Do you agree?


  1. yea, you have opened your comments section :)

    I absolutely love solids. patterns confuse me and I am often at a loss as to how to wear them with something else!

  2. Yes, solids are certainly easy to style!


  3. I'm with you on this one Tanvi. Solids are so much easier to wear and provide the perfect "blank" canvas to dress up, or down, depending on your mood. BTW you look absolutely gorgeous in that last pic. That blue really suits you

  4. You honestly can't go wrong with solids, either way you go. Any time you have a crazy trend to style, a solid color is usually a good way to go. I'm loving these different options!

  5. I am such a solids color girl. Cause it's easier to be able to match any other color with it.

  6. Wearing solid colors are always a better investment because they are so versatile!

  7. I love the blue rent the runway dress! Solids are the perfect investment :)

    -xo, Azanique | www.lotsofsass.com

  8. I so agree...solids are your best friend. The occasional print is nice to throw in every once in awhile, but solids are so dependable. Great post.

  9. Solid colors are so easy to mix with other items! And they always look classic and chic!

  10. So much yes!! I absolutely love wearing solid colors. I actually rarely wear prints now that I think about it! I love all of these looks!


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