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Simplifying Life With Peapod

Peapod Delivary
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Constant traveling, requires you to prioritize and delegate parts of your daily life so that you can focus on what is most important. One of things I can immediately do without is grocery shopping on the days when I am busy and have a lot of achieve.

So recently when preparing for my upcoming travels and trying to get everything done before I leave, I decided to go back to my trusted service - Peapod and get my groceries delivered. Below is what I instantly gained:

1. Time. Shopping online alleviates the need to walk up and down store aisles, and saves you a trip to the store, which not only saves time, but gas money as well. I can spend that time packing instead.

2. No unnecessary spending. Grocery stores are designed to maximize impulse buys. There's a reason they stick bananas in the cereal aisle, salsa sauce in the chip aisle, and tabloids near the checkout line – because you'll buy them. I can spend that money eating local meals while traveling.

3. Helped me stay within my budget. Often I
 can place a new order based on products I've previously ordered. My invoices are saved online for quick retrieval, letting me quickly see how much I've spent from week to week. I mostly use the same ingredient each week, hence the ingredients list can be built easily. In addition, product search results can be sorted by sale items, allowing me to choose sale items without having to peruse a newspaper. Win- Win. And not all the money I saved, can now go towards my trip. 

The premise is simple: You can select and order your groceries and pay for them online, and they'll be delivered to your house.

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Did you know: 
more than 11 percent of 22,000 surveyed American shoppers are doing at least some of their grocery shopping online.

Peapod accepts valid manufacturer coupons. Peapod will double up to 99¢ per coupon unless otherwise specified on the coupon.

- Save even more with exclusive online coupons. While shopping online, you’ll see exclusive offers which’ll be applied as you add these items to your cart.

- Peapod shoppers will hand select your produce and meat, so you’ll be sure to get good quality produce and meat with your order.

Peapod grocery delivery is only available in the markets listed below:
  • Chicagoland, Milwaukee, S.E. Wisconsin, Indianapolis
  • Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire
  • New York, New Jersey
  • Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C.
  • Philadelphia, S.E. Pennsylvania, Central Pennsylvania

If you are a new user you can get $20 off your first order with Peapod and free shipping for 60 days with the code: STARS20 - Expires: 6/30/18 If you an existing user you can still save time before the Memorial Day cookout by purchasing party provisions from Peapod and having everything delivered right to the door.

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  1. I can see how this might be convenient for some busy people but I enjoy food-shopping. And I like to pick out my own perishables (e.g., fruit; veggies). Plus, one of the things you describe as a negative (impulse buys) is a positive in my view: often I don't realize I need something until I see it on the shelf. Your post is good and I'm not trying to be critical; just sharing a different viewpoint. For those who simply want essential items, this approach can help.

    1. I absolutely see what you mean ... I too love food-shopping and picking my own perishables, especially from Farmers' Markets. I was presenting delivery as a good option for people who are busy and or or life situations when grocery shopping is not the top priority. :)

      I ALWAYS appreciate your feedback on my posts!

  2. This sounds so cool! I wish they were in my location to give them a try!

  3. I would love this! I used to use Webvan back in the day and was so bummed when they went out of business. I've been waiting for something to replace it! I hope this service comes to my area!


  4. I'm all about having my groceries delivered!! It can be hard to do the grocery shopping with a toddler. But I will say when I'm able to go alone, I do enjoy doing the shopping with a Starbucks latte ;-)

    xo, Laura

  5. Peapod is soooo convenient in the winter months in MA! I enjoy food shopping, but when it's 10 degrees out the last thing I want to do is bundle up myself and my toddler to get to the store. Love grocery delivery!

  6. I think I would love delivery, but I also enjoy going to the store as well! This was very helpful and interesting. Thank you for sharing!

  7. As I've gotten older I've realized that time is one of the most valuable things I have!! Anything that helps me save it is a plus in my book.

    xx Mollie

  8. Aw, too bad it's not yet in my market-- it sounds fantastic!!

  9. This sounds like an amazing service and perfect for my schedule!! Will need to look into this, sounds so convenient!

    cute & little

  10. I wish this service was in Memphis! It sounds amazing and so convenient!

    Megan |

  11. not here yet! I'll keep a look out!

  12. This is such an amazing service! I would so use this if it was available in Memphis!

  13. Oh my gosh how cool! I love this idea.

    xo Laura Leigh

  14. This sounds so easy and convenient! Fingers crossed it comes to Texas soon!

  15. I'm always impulse buying at the grocery store (especially trader joe's!) so this would probably save me lots of unnecessary spending!

    How 2 Wear It []

  16. I've been wanting to start getting my groceries online for a while now! I think when we move into our new home I'll start!

  17. Oh wow, Greta idea, this is my first time hearing Peapod.

  18. This is sooo convenient! I would love to do my groceries online, especially because I don't drive and I have to go by foot with my two kids to the grocery's store and come back with them beign tired, wining and the loads of bags, it is a moment of despair, I waste so much time! But my husband (who drives and owns a car) doesn't agree that I pay for delivery, and he says when I work and can afford it I could order online...

  19. Peapod looks like such an convenient service for you! I like that they double up on coupons too that is really handy. I am a fan of anything that helps save time and money like this.

  20. This is so cool! Such a shame we don't have a service like Peapod it's a game changer!

  21. I SO wish we had this by me!! As a working mom, this would be a lifesaver!!!

  22. This sounds good. I use to use a grocery delivery company similar to this called front door organics. I was so helpful.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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