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Long Weekend In NYC

It has already been 21 days since my NYC trip. I do not want to say, "Time is flying!" But time IS flying. And there is no other phrase that quite catch the essence of the rushed emotion. I had been forward to a blissful fall weekend in NYC all summer and now fall is almost over and that weekend has long gone. 

ROW NYC Tanvii.com 26
District M at ROW NYC
Both husband and I are a big Ricky Gervais fan. His dark-inappropriate-humor is is something resonates with us both. I follow him on Twitter and when I saw that he was going to be NYC in fall for his Humanity tour, I knew I was going to go. But to my disappointment his show sold out before I could get my hands on a pair of tickets. Then he announced that he was adding an extra date to the tour and this was I was on my laptop the moment the tickets were available. This was back in May and ever since I couldn't stop thinking of New York in Fall. 

Eventually, not by design, it ended up being a work plus pleasure trip. I got a couple of campaigns in NYC around the same time as the show and it couldn't have worked out better. This time we took the Amtrak into the city as we wanted to have a hassle free weekend and not worry about traffic and parking. We took the noon train which got us at Penn Station, NYC at 3pm. 

We stayed at ROW NYC again as it was a 15 minute walk from the station and a 15 minute walk to the Madison Square Garden (where Ricky was performing) and a block away from the Subway. The hotel was just ideally located. This was our second stay there and it pitch perfect. 

Day One

Drinks at District M
We started the trip with a few drinks at the bar at ROW NYC. This is my favorite part of the hotel. It is open, contemporary and has a perfect vibe to unwind. 

Dinner at Tao

Then we were headed for early dinner (which is in fact our normal dinner time) before the show. We had a delicious hearty meal at Tao. 

Ricky Gervais

We made it to the venue ahead of time for security check and to get comfortable in our seats. The show started on time (thank god!) and was such a blast. Ricky speaks a language that I understand and find mighty funny. I am glad I went to watch him perform. 

On our way back from the show, we shared a Gelato. I don't care to write much about it, as it was one of worse Gelatos I have ever had. 

Day Two

Central Park
We woke up, freshened up and went to Central Park for a run. I always wanted to do that but never quite was able to make the time to do so on any of my previous trips. I have taken many walks across Central Park, but never ran. And this time I did that. 


On our way back from the run we were starving so made a pit stop and shared a bagels and coffee and some some new friends. 


Then we decided to go and explore this neighborhood. Shoot this outfit and then grab lunch. A perfect afternoon in my books!

Jack’s Wife FreidaWe decided to visit this restaurant after hearing so much about it on Instagram. Our meal was healthy, colorful and delicious. But was it worth the hype? May be on a sunny day. 

Walking / ShoppingWe walked around the neighborhood a bit more but then it started drizzling we decided to head back to the hotel. 

District MAgain, love lounging here at ROW NYC. I grabbed a coffee and decided to catch up on a bit of work for the day. 

Pizza SliceMy husband wanted to have a New York Style pizza to made our way to a local pizza place and devoured two slices each. 

Walk around Times SquareWe then got sucked into the lights and buzzing streets of Times Square. It is just so touristy but still so cool. After a while we called it day and went back to the hotel and crashed. 

Day Three

Central Park
Next morning we couldn't get ourselves out of bed early enough for a run but we did go back to Central Park again, but for a shoot. I got completed immersed in the colors of autumn there. Everyone was out and about enjoying the sun. There were musicians performing, kids playing, and sun shining. It was a perfect fall afternoon. 

Friend of a Farmer

For lunch we tried another popular stop and it definitely did not disappoint. It had a charming decor, excellent service and delicious food. And we got a table by the fire. I couldn't have asked for anything more. 

Bibble & Sip
Later in the evening, after catching up on work and emails I met a school friend was coffee. It is always so good to catch up with her. 

The Bar at Baccarat Hotel
After our coffee date, we met up with our husbands who were rather at a swankier place. This french hotel had everything a good evening should have. 

Dinner at friend’s place

Eventually we ended the evening with Thai takeout and a dance party. It was such a blast. 

Day Four

City Kitchen NYC - ilils BOXThis was our last day in the city and we were ready to explore Brooklyn. We decided to have breakfast at City Kitchen which brings New York’s most desired and hyped food concepts together. Our breakfast from ilils BOX was not only filling but also healthy and delicious. 

Another landmark visited. I had seen every blogger so and click pictures at 'DUMBO' and I was so curious to see what it was all about. Which it is quite a perfect spot for pictures, it just might be a tad bit over rated thanks to Instagram. 

Graffiti Art @ Bushwick Collective
We were short on time but we did make our to the Bushwick Collective to check out the Graffiti Art. It was quite a sight. I will be sharing pictures in another post soon but if you happen to visit NYC, you must check this area out. 

Last but not a least, we grabbed another pair of pizza slices each (husband loves pizza, what can I say!) and some sandwiches for our train ride back, checkout of the hotel and bid good way to NYC.

Sight! It was one of those perfect weekends, which had a right mix of exporing and being-a-local. New York, is always a good idea!

This time, I didn't vlog as I wanted to be as social media free as possible, but here's my vlog from my last NYC trip back in Jan. 2017. 



  1. Glad you had fun! And thanks for the details of your trip. I enjoy learning about new places from visitors. Most of us natives tend to go to the same places over and over.

  2. So cool that he added another show lucky you. And that room is big love the kitchen the dark floors in the bathroom. what a great place to stay. Kind of reminds me of the hotel I stayed in in Chicago. I Paris i stayed at an AieBNB. You look like you had a great time here in NYC.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  3. Glad you had such a nice time! I’ve never been to NYC, but want to really bad! I look forward to seeing the graffiti art post!

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  10. Such a fab trip! One of my favorite cities in the world <3

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