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Basic Clothing Care Tips

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One of the easiest ways to save money is to take care of clothes you already own. Shopping for better quality often costs more, but shopping only for good quality also means shopping less. You know what I mean? Following up from my last clothing care post, this post has more generic tips to better care of your clothes.

1. Don’t over wash your clothes. Washing doesn’t only cleanse the item, but often fades color and removes structure. Items worn carefully and lightly can often be made fresh again by simply airing them out.

2. Denim lasts forever between washes. Denim is super durable and easy to spot clean, but can lose its shape drastically with each wash. With that in mind, try freshening your denim with a nice steam in the dryer, or even hang them over your shower rod for a natural steam.

3. Use a mesh bag for washing delicates. Put delicates inside it before washing to prevent them from catching on the washer and other garments.

4. Keep bras organized and folded properly to maintain the cups. Fold padded bras in half with the straps tucked under the cups. This helps them keep their shape.

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5. Organize your laundry. When it is time to do laundry, carefully read the tags on your clothes and divide accordingly. Not only lights with lights and darks with darks, but cool dry with cool dry and gentle rinse cycle with gentle rinse cycle items. The more attention you pay, the longer your clothes will stay looking like new!

6. If something shrinks in the wash, keep it damp and stretch. Often times, damp items can be gently stretched back to shape. After gently stretching the damp and shrunken item with your hands, try wearing it while it dries so it reshapes to your body. This is especially useful for fashion emergency situations!

7. Avoid the dryer! It is better for you, the environment, and your CLOTHES if you air dry. Dryers not only rapidly dry your clothes, they rapidly wear down your clothes also. Do yourself and your electricity bill a favor and air dry the pieces you want to last. Most pieces can be dried in the sun, but take care to see which clothes need a cool dry (i.e swimsuits or more sensitive fabrics.)

8. NEVER use the dryer on your bras. This will seriously damage the structure and support intended; as will improper storage.

9. If you must use the dryer, always clean the lint trap after every load, and use the most gentle setting.

10. When your clothes are done drying, hang or fold them as soon as you remove them from the heat (sun or dryer). The change in temperature (from warm to cool) will lock in the current state of the clothes, hence why you want them in the most optimal position to not wrinkle. Hanging them is ideal. 

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11. Fold clothes along the seems, to avoid unwanted creases and to maintain the shape of the item.

12. Don’t over crowd your closet! Cramming clothes together, not only wrinkles, but wears down sensitive fabrics. Recently I minimized clutter by giving into those velvet (space saving) hangers

13. Avoid wrinkles, by using a handheld steamer! This is my must have when getting ready for an event or shoot. Handheld steamers will save your outfit every time, and will leave your clothes fresh and wrinkle free.

14. Always clean seasonal clothes prior to storing. If you ever plan on storing your clothes, know that bugs like dirt, and strong scents like perfume and smoke. To avoid a breach in your seasonal gear, clean them before you store them.


I hope you found these tips helpful. Feel free to share yours' in the comments below. 


  1. Really good tips! I just moved into a new apartment, so this post is very appropriate for me. I'm all about making clothes look as good as possible and last as long as they can!

  2. These are very good hacks. I'm a laundry fanatic, but did not know dryers were clothes down. And, I couldn't survive without a hand steamer! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. Awesome tips, the mesh bags are great for much more than just delicates. I love using them for my daughters socks and bibs that have velcro on them.

  4. You have a lot of great tips here on how to better care for your clothes. In fact, I already implement most of these into my clothing care routine! The one thing that caught my eye is your handheld steamer. I've been thinking about getting one for the longest time and I think you've fully convinced me on getting one!

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm majorly failing in the proper clothing care department haha!

  6. These are great tips and I follow pretty much most of then, including those velvet hangers :) I especially like to air dry my clothes to save electricity and the clothes themselves. In fact, I put up a curtain rod in my laundry room to hang the clothes from to dry. This makes it so much easier!

  7. As I read this, I thought to myself "I've been doing laundry wrong for 30 years now" LOL! I really didn't know that the dryer wears on clothing, nor did I ever think of getting a handheld steamer! I have a nice Rowenta iron but I only use it if I absolutely have to because it's such a pain pulling out all the stuff to iron with. And as for crowded closets? You so busted me on that one :)

  8. So funny - I’m just doing laundry right now, and you just reminded me of some pointers I have completely forgotten. It’s true, if we can avoid the dryer, all the better, but def good reminder to remove the lint when we do use the dryer. Thanks for the tips :)

  9. Okay now I need to implement your tips now. I'm so careless when it come to cloth caring.

  10. I love these tips! I need to share these with my kids.

  11. So many helpful tips! We need a steamer in a bad way. I hate ironing with a passion. I also love the reminder to pay attention to wash instruction tags, I never even look.

  12. With 3 kids, keeps up with the ever growing piles of laundry can be overwhelming. I have a steamer but never use it, so I think it's time to find it and put it to good use.

  13. I'm so guilty of quite a few of these things. I agree on the denim one totally though and wear my jeans to death before washing them. A mesh bag is such a great idea, I think I've spotted these for sale somewhere near me and going to give this a try. I spend quite a lot of money on good quality clothes so really need to remember to care for them properly too.

  14. This is such a great tips. We need to take care of our clothes. I am using a streamer and it's so good. I will definitely check this out.

    1. commenting for Angela Ricardo Bethea under Anne Dela Cruz

  15. This is such a smart tips for everyone. This is so true never use washing machine and dryer for the bras because it will damage the structure and figure of it.

    commented for Elizabeth Obih-Frank

  16. I really need to avoid the dryer because it has destroyed many of my clothes. I will try and use it less, like you say it saves energy to avoid it so why not.

  17. What great tips!!! Thank you for sharing as caring for your clothes is so important!!

  18. Indeed! This is such a great info for everyone on how to properly care on their clothes. I will definitely try it. :)

  19. Tanvi.. can you please make a post on selecting, using and storing bedding (especially comforters). Thank you!

  20. Hello
    Time and again I have messed up some really good clothes, most of the time it`s my fault, being in a hurry and failing to read the washing instructions.Another serious problem I do have are some new clothes bleeding and coloring the others of different color.
    Just last week i had to throw away a brand new blouse because I messed it up washing it with other new but different color clothes.


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