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Travel Logistics: Panama

Panama Tourism

Before I visited Panama, I did not know much about the country. I have a college friend who is from Panama, but you know you never really talk about history and culture when you are in college. 

This year we booked a trip to Panama as my birthday celebration and decided to explore it without any pre-planned trips or itineraries. While we are glad we did that, I am certain not everyone travels on a whim. Should you require any tips on what to expect in Panama then this is the post for you. 

Seven Logistics To Plan Your Panamanian Getaway: 

You can also checkout my vlog, if you would rather watch than read. 

1. Expense + Currency 
Panamanian currency Balboa is US dollar equivalent, which I didn't know. Hence you do not lose any money in exchange and can use US dollars for all you purchases. Panama offered food and living at all price points, luxury and budget both. While you have options for street food as well as fast food, if you decided to go to a restaurant you could have a meal for two starting at $30 (one appetizer + two main courses).

2. Transportation
Downtown area has a metro, but it does not connect the whole city or the Old Town. As a visitor you would be more interested in checking out the beaches, Panama canal, and such for which you would either require a tour bus, a taxi/cab or rent a car. We chose to rent a car. Finding street parking can be difficult but you can valet for $5 for the whole day. 

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3. Language
Everyone in Panama only speaks Spanish, and english is not widely spoken or understood, except for at hotels and restaurants. While we were able to get by with a few broken sentences, I would suggest if you can then brush up on some basic Spanish.

4. Food
The Panamanian cuisine is mostly meat and seafood and since I am a vegetarian I did not eat any authentic food. Having said that, there were enough options from all cuisines around the city and I had no trouble finding delicious food. In fact, I had some of the best meals in that 3 day weekend.

5. Internet + Wifi
I do not know if this was unique to us, but we were unable to find steading internet anywhere in the city. Not via hotel, our own mobile roaming, or even Skyroam which I use everywhere I travel. 

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6. People
Friendly people make the trip that much more memorable, isn't it? We found everyone in Panama to be helpful and kind even though we only communicated with actions (due to language barrier).

7. Safety
I had heard about crime in Panama, which I am sure it exists but we did not have any bad experience. There was heavy Police patrolling in Casco Viejo but that only makes me feel safer. 

Pictures were taken around the Old Town
Panama Tourism Panama Tourism Panama Tourism Panama Tourism Panama Tourism Panama Tourism
Cape - All Saints // Similar
Tank -  Another
Bralet - Nordstrom // Similar
Sunglasses - Ray Ban // Similar
Shorts - Free People // Similar
Slides - India // Similar




  1. Panama looks absolutely beautiful! I had a friend from there back in high school, and she used to go back all the time!

  2. I need to get my passport. You inspired me to go to sauth america. I will love to go to Panama too.

  3. Beautiful photos and great tips about travel to Panama! It sounds like a great place to visit.
    -Nicole V

  4. Never been to Panama but would definitely like to visit some day. The photographs are amazing and you are looking gorgeous ❤️

  5. I've been to many Central American countries and thanks to this post, Panama is now on my list of places to go next!

  6. Panama looks beautiful! I have never been outside the US, but I always worry about currency when talking about traveling abroad. I'm glad to hear you can use US dollars there, that definitely will be a plus when planning a visit there!

  7. oh, totally love the way you broke this down! this will be very helpful, thank you :) esp since for any place you travel, you gotta think about these things :)

  8. I love your sunglasses! Looks like you had a fun trip! awesome the exchange rate was even.

  9. I've never been but looks like a stunning place to go.

  10. Interesting to hear your veggie as I am too and sometimes struggle to eat in certain countries. Love the shorts on your photos, they look super comfortable to walk in.

  11. Thank you for sharing! I'm deciding where to go in South America and Panama sounds interesting!

  12. Panama sounds like such a wonderful travel destination. It's nice to know there isn't much of a difference between the Balboa and the dollar. I was also surprised to learn about spotty internet service. It would force me to unplug and really enjoy time away! x

  13. Great tips about visiting Panama! I have a college friend currently living there, and I would love to visit one day. Your post was super helpful.

  14. Looks amazing!! Would love to go to Panama, so high on my list! Also good to know not everyone speaks English there. Had the same in Argentina and never going anywhere again without knowing some of the basics! Great post and beautiful pictures!

  15. Your post is great! I've never been to Panama or South America. I have a friend who lives in Columbia so I plan to make a trip all over South America. Will make sure to follow your advice. Thanks!

  16. This looks like such a great trip!! I love the video

  17. Panama looks so beautiful!! I love the pictures!!! Thanks for all the tips!!!

  18. Love the look girlieee. And your photos are great - I'd love to visit Panama!

  19. Glad to hear you enjoyed my little country ;)
    The old Casco Viejo is always a delight to visit and photograph.


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