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Why You Can't Buy What I Wear

10 Year Anniversary Tanvii.com

In one of the many ways I am different from most style bloggers, is that I am not trying to make you buy stuff. Sure I introduce you to new brands and designers and boutiques, but nine out of ten of my style posts are of clothes that I have purchased myself. Nine out of ten times the exact same things are not available online. Nine out of ten times, it is something I have had in my closet for ages or something that was not mass produced and hence available in limited quantity and probably sold out. 

What I am trying to say is that the purpose of this blog is not to feed consumerism. The goal is not to create clones of myself, or to dress everyone as mannequins with latest trends like window dressing. The goal is to inspire, to make people take pride in repeating clothes, to spark creativity in repurposing what they already own, to buy things that really add value to your closet and to cultivate style versus hoarding. 

Everyday I am trying to practice: Less Is More. Not just in shoes and clothing but also in personal items, beauty, groceries, home goods etc.. It is harder than it sound. In the world of Instagram and Pinterest and in the name of "inspiration" there is a constant temptation to change, upgrade, add more, or buy options. And that is nothing but a form of acquiring "stuff" for no apparent reason. I have to consciously remind myself that if something isn't broken or can be fixed and looks good, then there is no reason to look for a replacement.

For the longest time I thought I was preaching to the choir but in the last couple of months, I have received such positive feedback that it warms my heart. For the first time, readers have not only noticed but appreciated that I was not trying to "sell them a sale" or make them buy "stuff" to make pennies on the dollar (commission). I am not averse to making a commission (who doesn't like money!), but that is not what this blog is about. I cannot publicize what I don't believe in. I'd rather walk the talk.   

10 Year Anniversary Tanvii.com 10 Year Anniversary Tanvii.com 10 Year Anniversary Tanvii.com 10 Year Anniversary Tanvii.com 10 Year Anniversary Tanvii.com 10 Year Anniversary Tanvii.com 10 Year Anniversary Tanvii.com
Photography via Drishti By Tania Chatterjee
Location : Coffee Republic 

Saree - Jharcraft (Ranchi, India)
Jewelry - Inherited + Some Random 
Bag - c/o Boutique Mexico
Shoes - From India



  1. Tanvi, you are looking divine! Just couldn't stop myself from posting a comment to compliment you. I love sarees, but there are favourites. And white/cream handloom makes me go weak in the knees! Absolutely wow! You look lovely in the drape, do try to drape a one at least once a fortnight or month. Thanks! P.S.If I am not wrong, haven't you draped a Madhubani saree?

    1. Thank you Priyadarshini! I appreciate your taking the time to comment on this post :) I am aware of your love for Sarees. You are correct, I have indeed draped a Madhubani saree once on the blog, two years go.

  2. Gosh...m speechless. I have seen u in sarees before, but this one is just too much..ufff!!!
    U look so graceful and classy. Cant stop staring at u. The shoes, jewellery n the hair..just perfection.
    I wish u cud do more saree posts.


    1. Thank you Aditi! I will definitely try and wear more sarees and do more saree posts :)

  3. I've always loved the way you match high an low pieces with your wardrobe staples. It's refreshing to follow someone who doesn't look like every other blogger with the same purse and same shoes. Keep being you 😘

  4. Yes you definitely talk the talk and walk the walk. Loving you in this saree.


  5. You look so elegant ...love the saree.. glad to follow your blog for nearly 7-8 yrs now :)...have got a lot of inspiration from you (although not in terms of style im afraid- im too self conscious to experiment). I could improve myself in a lot of areas like self confidence, personality etc...great to read ur blog posts

  6. yesss less is definitely more..i am absolutely loving your hairstyle and the saree is just beautiful.

  7. I really like your Indian/ Indian inspired outfit posts-that's how I found your blog. Love, love the madhubani saree. Happy tenth anniversary!
    May I ask you if you bought this saree in India or in the US/ online?

    1. Sue, the outfit details are posted at the end of the post. Thank you for the wishes and for sharing your thoughts. :)

  8. I love that you aren't in it for the pennies. One of my least favorite things about fashion bloggers is that all they want to do is sell you something. It's so cool to find someone who rocks their own personal style- so cool and much needed in this fashion blog saturated world.

  9. You look wonderful! Happy Anniversary!

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  10. Tanvi !!! you look stunning.
    Not many can pull off a cotton-silk sari so well - I love how gracefully and effortlessly you've draped it.

    I also loved reading the post and about your thoughts/reasons behind the looks and blog as a whole. Its true that one should be doing whatever they do for the reasons that they believe in and promote that.

    xx - Neha


  11. Walk the talk is the best way to go. You look fab and drape the saree so well.

  12. The whole look is rather minimalistic yet looks refreshing, Great choice of saree.

  13. Beautiful saree. Someday you'll have to tell me why some spell it "sari." And kudos for displaying your own style, not mass-produced fast fashion. I honestly don't understand why so many young bloggers want to act like free-lance sales-people for clothing manufacturers.


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