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Ten Years Old Dress

This past week on Insta-Stories and Pinterest, I have been sharing posts from early years of this blog, which were written on the topic of marriage and/or husband. Most of you probably don't know but this blog had initially started out as a fitness and personal musings blog. I used to write about my new (ish!) marital life and how I found some things amusing, some changes fascinating, and the conversations with my husband hilarious. Looking back, I am so glad I have had this blog all these years. It is so entertaining to go back and read those posts and relive the experiences.

Coming to today's outfit ... I had worn this a few weekends back for a date night with my husband. This is a ten year old dress which I had worn for one of my wedding functions. I am kinda-ecstatic that I can still fit into in and it looks good as new. The only regret is that I am only wearing it for the second time in 10 years. (First time was here.)

10 Years Later Tanvii.com 10 Years Later Tanvii.com 10 Years Later Tanvii.com 10 Years Later Tanvii.com 10 Years Later Tanvii.com 10 Years Later Tanvii.com
Location: The Yard at Ritz Carlton, Georgetown

Dress - Last worn in 2007 here // Loving this!
Shoes - Gucci // Latest
Clutch - Vintage // Similar



  1. Looking lovely there! I guess you haven't aged a bit. Funny thing is I also wore a top yesterday from years back.lol

  2. I totally remember a lot of the earlier posts from your blog -- I've been around here a while, lol. And it's great that this dress still looks so good 10 years later. I have a lot of items in my closet from years ago. It's always nice when they fit and when I've seen that they've held up.


  3. I hang on to things I love too. Great colour!

  4. Oh my! Such a lovely dress! Don't wait another 10 years until you wear it again, it's fab! xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

  5. Cute! That color is so pretty on you!

  6. I so wish I could fit into something from 10 years ago! Looks great on you!

  7. Such a lovely dress <3 Must have felt amazing that you could fit into a 10 year old dress!


  8. That's such a beautiful dress! I love the clutch too!! Just lovely!

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  9. So cute! And major props for fitting into it 10 years later! Fit goals!


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