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Shoot At Botanic Garden

While I was thinking of what to write today, my thoughts were echoing a similar sound. I had a distinct feeling I HAVE written this before. And after digging into my archives a little, I found this post which reads pretty similar to what I was going to say today. (Surprisingly, the outfit has a similar vibe too). I bet I have repeated myself equal number of times in the last 10 years, as I have contradicted myself here. It is nonetheless, a comforting feeling to know that some things (thoughts!) stays constant over the years. Love for blogging, and meeting creative people, are few of those things. 

I met Derrick, the photographer for this shoot, via Instagram. That is how I meet new people in my life lately. I do not know his age, but I am guessing he is a good decade younger than I am and on surface we have practically nothing in common. As we got talking, we discussed how, had it not been for social media there was absolutely zero chances of our paths crossing. We spoke about photography, blogging, and creative people in the DC area. Not at all surprising that we had more or less similar views on the topics. 

He suggested we shoot at the United States Botanic Garden in DC. I was excited as I have never been there. Later he told me that I was the first blogger he was collaborating with and this was his first fashion shoot. Judging from the pictures below, you (or even I!) would have never guessed! I was so thrilled to receive the pictures we had taken earlier in the day. I hope you enjoy them as much. I look forward to collaborating with Derrick again soon. If you live in the DMV area and are looking to collaborate with a photographer, I would highly recommend him. 

Botanical Garden 9 Botanical Garden 18 Botanical Garden 10 Botanical Garden 19 Botanical Garden 5 Botanical Garden 20 Botanical Garden 11 Botanical Garden 21
Botanical Garden 22
Photography via Derrick
Location - United States Botanic Garden 

Top - Rebecca Taylor // Similar
Jeans - GAP // Similar
Shoes - Tory Burch // Loving these
Clutch - From India // Loving This!
Pendant - Anthropologie // Same
Choker worn as a Bracelet - c/o Charming Charlie
Sunglasses - SAKS // Similar



  1. Love the pretty polka dot top. :)


  2. This place is so pretty! I like your outfit in the photos.

  3. Your outfit is so adorable! I'm loving all of these shots!

  4. I am LOVING those sunglasses girl!!


  5. He did a really good with these photos. I like the close up one of you in the glasses that's on his Insta. I've been emailed by photographers who've found me via IG, but I haven't worked with any of them yet.

  6. I always love the outfits you put together! Your style is definitely your own and I love your creativity.

  7. Those shoes!!! Love that pop of pink! And I love the Botanic Garden. It is one of the best places to wander around and shoot!
    xo Jessica

  8. Love how you styled this :)

  9. WOW! He's awesome but he also has a gorgeous subject.

    I love how REAL you are. Can't wait to meet, I'm in Rockville.

  10. It is awesome that some of our ideas and though-processing doesn't change through the years. I have been looking to work with/hire a blog photographer but I have no idea where to start and how to find someone in Michigan. I have googled photographers in my area but none that work with bloggers, are willing to travel/drive outside pop up. Help!!

    Anyway, your outfit is so chic! In love with your blouse and those stunning stilettos!

    Welcome by Thursday this week and every Thursday and join my style linkup with me. =)) Happy 4th of July!!

    Ada =)

  11. Love your outfit! Your Tory Burch shoes are super cute :)

    Beth ||

  12. After lookinga at your photos I now want a polka dot top and bright heels. You look lovely hey

  13. You look so gorgeous. I love the vibe of this shoot!!

  14. Such pretty outfit pics. Your photographer did an amazing job! I love the details on this outfit and I love the subtle pops of colour here and there. Super cute outfit !
    xo, Becky


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