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How To Dress With Comfort And Look Stylish

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One of the joys of dressing for me is to find comfort in what I am wearing. Comfort is when you do not have to fidget with your clothes, when you feel you are weather-appropriately dressed, and nothing itches or slips or comes in the way of life. Comfort is when you can be yourself without having to think about what you are wearing. That is how I would define effortless as well, by the way. However, you could "look" effortless but be uncomfortable. Bottom line is you would know when you are uncomfortable (or not). You would not require a definition for that. 

However, a lot of people think comfort is synonymous with looking frumpy. This post will attempt to prove that wrong. Instead I would like to make a strong case that comfort and style can go hand-in-hand at all times.

Below are some of my personal mantras and few universal tips, if put to use can help you achieve a look which helps you be, both functional and stylish in your every day lives! Let's get going ...

Numero uno, would be quality (i.e. fabrics). When you purchase pieces which are well made, using organic and natural fabrics you are automatically choosing something which will not only gentle on your skin but also last you a long time.

2. FIT
A close second (if not equal) to quality comes the fit. Nothing looks good, if it does not fit your body. Time and time again women try to fit into clothes from decades back and then get frustrated about their closets and bodies and then completely give up on their style. Accept your body, and dress accordingly. This simple change in mind set will not only make you feel like a million bucks, you will realize that a little fluctuation in your body weight has absolutely nothing to do with your style and looking good.  

Above example is of my signature look as well as color. I have a thing for blue, like people in the west have a thing for black. Unintentionally I keep purchasing blue in every form of clothing and possibly in every shade. The positive if that since I know that it is a prominent color of my life, I purchase things around it making it easier for me to match separates as well as the accessories. Pick one signature color for yourself and even if you believe in neutrals, you can use that one color to liven up your look when the mood strikes you.


There are one too many complicated designs our there lately. No doubt that they make a statement and if that happens to be your style then go for it. However, in this post I am focusing on people who shy away from dressing up all together. If you have found a quality piece, that fits you perfectly, and matches your signature look, then the last thing you need to make sure is that it is "easy on, easy off" i.e. doesn't involve wrapping, multiple buttons, complicated stitching and what not. Tip-toe your feet into styling and make "keep it simple' your fashion mantra. 

Pajama Dressing

Tread carefully on the path of following trends. Not all trends are for all body types, and some of them are not even worth trying. Take it from someone who has been around enough bloggers to know that those looks ONLY work in pictures. Nonetheless, do experiment! That is the only way you will figure out your style and your signature look (if you don't already have). One of the current trends which I am personally loving is pajamas as daywear. Get yourself a pair of soft cotton, or light silk set which you can wear outside without getting conscious.

Maxi For Summers
Last but not the least, footwear. Nothing makes you look and feel more uncomfortable than an ill-fitting shoe. If you take away just one tip from this post, then let it be this. Never purchase a shoe without trying. If you buy them online make sure 'return shipping' is offered and is free. Walk around in the pair for at least two minutes (especially heels) and if they are not comfortable then, they are not about to get comfortable later. I often choose block heels over pencil as they often more grip and platform. The few pencil heels I do own are exclusively for days when I will be driven door to door with minimal walking. 

The older I get the simpler I want my life to be, but not at the cost of my style and personal appearance. I hope you find these tips helpful. This has been my shopping/dressing mantra for past few years.




  1. I always buy quality over quantity! I'll always pay more for something that will last!

  2. Love that white dress! I shop everywhere but stick to some rules in order to buy quality stuff: going for neutral colours, opting for natural fabrics and staying away from craziness like terribly applied sequins, large lettering, etc. I'll almost always pay more for quality.

  3. I have only recently learned to dress according to what looks best, instead of what's on sale or trendy. I wasted so much time and money on clothes that did not look or make me feel my best!

  4. i have a thing for black,white, beige, and grey. that sums up my closet for the most part :P i love love love that blue dress!!!

  5. Great tips! I relate to the quality thing. I used to focus on quantity instead of quality, and I ended up with exactly what you might think - a closet full of cheap looking clothes that didn't fit me correctly. Spending a little bit more on higher quality is definitely worth it!

  6. All great tips!! Esp. the buying clothes that fit. It's amazing how much more confident you feel when you like what you wear.

  7. this is my goal in life lol... I love having a signature color, embrace it! I do need to have a little more self-control when it comes to trends though.. lol

  8. Oh my goodness so true about trying shoes on first and not just buying them online because they "look cute". Also free return shipping is a must and amazing!

  9. These outfits are GORGEOUS! I am all about comfort too when dressing!

  10. Love that last maxi dress! So cute! xo

  11. It is so important to have comfy pieces that are also stylish! Love these tips

    xx Rebecca //

  12. Loved this post! I completely agree with you- these things are ALL stuff you should look for when finding clothing pieces you will love forever. And those flats... ADORABLE.


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