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My Tryst With Patience

One change I notice in myself in the past decade is - patience! I had none. And now ... I won't say I have it in abundance but I am able to dig deep and find it before I say or do anything regretful. It is a conscious brain decision which goes something like ... 

(this is a conversation I have, with myself, in my head)

Tanvi (1) - WTF - I can't believe this is happening!
Tanvi (2) - It is okay. No point losing your temper over this. 
Tanvi (1) - But this has happened before and it is unacceptable. I should say something. 
Tanvi (2) - It is not going to solve anything. Is it important in broader scheme of things?
Tanvi (1) - I guess not. But I am pissed right now. 
Tanvi (2) - I am pissed too. Just breathe. And stay quiet. You will thank me later. 

... and then Tanvi (1) uses all the will power in her to stay quiet and let the saner half of her brain take control of the situation. 

Just a few minutes in and I am already thankful that my better sense prevailed. If anything, in the past decade, I have learned that barring a few pivotal things/moments in life everything else is temporary. Time flies, circumstances change but spoken words and hurtful action can never truly be undone. As I grow up, my goal is to have as few unpleasant experiences as possible. Patience helps as lot.

On an unrelated topic, writing about patience today reminded me of this post ... for no particular reason. 

Moving on to the outfit I am back in me second favorite piece of clothing - Maxi! (first is Saree)
 AVA Noma AVA Noma AVA Noma
AVA Noma
AVA Noma
Photography via Core Estate
Location - AVA NOMA

Maxi - Sold Out // Loving This!
Flats - UO // Better
Bag - Fendi // Another Option



  1. Im learning to develop the 'patience' skill. Trust me, it was a virtue I once did not possess. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tanvi - you are gorgeous. I have a serious problem with patience too. I have none, pretty much, especially when it comes to people who annoy me or paying attention to detail (I am not detail oriented, unless it comes to styling). I'm working on it though!

  3. Patience is definitely a virtue. I am hoping I develop more before bebe W is born next month!
    xo Jessica

  4. I really like what you said about having as few unpleasant experiences as possible. I totally agree with that statement. I think so many people really enjoy getting involved in things that unnecessarily rile them up, and I'm just not about that life.

    And, of course, you look wonderful in this maxi. I love this shooting location as well.

  5. I consider myself a constant work in progress with this patience thing. I does always work out better then I can also let my better self take the wheel, but woooooo, not always easy, LOL! Also, I love a maxi, they're essential summer wear for me, and yours is lovely!

  6. I love this post girl! I am honestly so awful with patience - I have none. I've learned that patience is a lifelong journey for me

    - xo, Azanique |

  7. I would love to be more patient, and I am trying hard now though dont do too great most of the time.

  8. I love this post. Yes it is hard at times but so worth it for our own well being.
    Ya know, this isn't toward you in any way but through an experience I just had trying to follow someone via the giveaway and thru other experiences I've concluded that some bloggers aren't worth my time trying to follow. Thank you for not being one of them in any way!!! I've always enjoyed your blog and I know I will continue to. Hope you are having a great day.

  9. It took me awhile to develop patience. When I made the decision to practice being patient, it seemed like opportunities to exhibit this behavior would randomly occur. To this day, I am amazed at how patient I can be towards others. On some days, my patience radar is low. Lol.

  10. What a pretty maxi. I'm glad you can talk yourself into a place of calm and peace.

  11. It's said that patience is a virtue and I firmly believe that. I'm working on that one myself!

    Beth ||

  12. I wish I could be more patient. I am so hot tempered and the least tolerant person I know! It will really take a great deal of self discipline ti implement patience in myself. Kudos to you for getting there!

  13. Love your outfit! Very beautiful. I find that my level of patience depends highly upon the previous night's amount of sleep :)

  14. I feel ya! I go through this all the time! I love this outfit too!

  15. Wise words and beautiful outfit, Tanvi!


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