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Where I Don't Shop And Why

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"Am I a spend thrift?" - That's the question which has been on my mind this past weekend. I never would have used that adjective for myself, as personally I believe I don't shop as much - but that observation is in comparison to people around me. I shop seasonally. So four times a year. However, if compared to someone who has, say 50 pieces of clothing in total and doesn't intend to add more to the closet too frequently, then yes I am spendthrift. That's the conclusion I have reached on that question, so far. But in today's post I plan to share - Where I Don't Shop And Why - which is a continuation from the post - Where Do I Shop

In the last 5-7 years not only have I reduced the amount of clothing I purchase (or even accept as a blogger) but I have also changed the way I shop (How To Create A Closet). I have made a conscious effort to not indulge in fast fashion as much as possible. I have not shopped at Forever 21 since 2011 and ASOS since 2014. The only thing I have bought from Zara in last seven years is this scarf. I own nothing from H&M / Topshop / Primark / or any other popular high street brand. Here's why: 

1. Pollution & Child labor - Fashion is the most polluting industries in the world. I could talk more about it, but I would suggest you watch this instead. 

And if you are from a developing nation or keep up with the current affairs, then you already know this but if you don't, then trust me that every facet of clothes manufacturing in the third world countries employ children in some form or the other. Especially for tasks like sewing, beading, miscellaneous errands, delivery and such. 

2. Poor Quality - The store which comes out with gazillion collections in a year, surely do not pay much attention to the quality. The sooner your clothes fall apart the faster you will go and shop for more. Unless of course if you are a shopaholic. And as I wrote here, personally for me less is truly more! Having fewer, better things is not only good for your wallet, it is good for the environment and it is also more stylish. It is a win-win throughout.

3. Discontentment - I do not like the idea of constantly trying to keep up with the collections. e.g. Zara comes out with a new collection every other week and the price points starts at $79.00 (for anything that I like). How is that sane? Keeping up with the trends is a headache and a royal waste of money. It is a good thing that I am not into trends. I am not into anything "IT". I am not into designer collaborations with high street brands. I do not get the concept of conscious collection either. Shouldn't all clothing be consciously manufactured? It is nothing but a PR strategy to hike up the prices.

I shop local as much as my means allow me. I support independent designers every chance I get. I frequently purchase clothing from resale clothing stores. I shop with a list and ONLY for pieces which are versatile. While I have not yet figured it all out but I sure am making an effort to educate myself. What are you doing? 

 Florals and Layers Tanvii.com Florals and Layers Tanvii.com Florals and Layers Tanvii.com Florals and Layers Tanvii.com
Location - Montgomery County, MD

Crop Top - Target // Cuter
Skirt - Uniqlo // Similar
Shoes - Shelly's London // Similar
Cardigan - Free People // Another
Bag - Dior // Same



  1. Uniqlo also manufactures in China and has been known to hide behind its apparently high Corporate Social Responsibility profile.

  2. Avoiding fast fashion and unethical brands is a very wise choice indeed! When you really research the clothing production industry there is a lot of sad stuff going on.

  3. Kudos to you. Although Target might have to be added to your list in some regards as well. I had stopped shopping at F21 for years (for reasons one and two) and then I got drawn back in. But I'm going to try to not get suckered in again. Also, loving your crop top.


  4. It is so important to remember the human cost of making clothing. We need to support responsible manufacturing!
    xo Jessica

  5. I have to admit, I HATE Forever 21. The stuff truly is garbage and the sizing is bananas. I'm a large there and an XS/S everywhere else. I remember buying a romper there and putting it in the dryer (the washing instructions said it would be fine to do so). It shrunk to the most ridiculous size! Total waste of money.

    I'm totally happy paying way more for something classic, that I truly love that will last me forever.

  6. H&M??? Oh no! I didn't know they were on this list. Thanks for opening my eyes to this.

  7. Daisy and I both love hitting up the resale shops for funky vintage finds. I'd say our clothes are about 1/2 new and 1/2 repurposed. We try to be responsible, but sometimes one of the chain stores will offer up a new line that will make us pull out the ol' wallet.
    erin | sandsunandmessybuns

  8. I have been conscious about my overall clothing purchase and asking me if i want vs need certain items. i love your approach as well, truly less is more!

  9. Good for you, Tanvi! I admire and applaud your stance! It's important to examine the ethical implications of the fashions we seek to buy.

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  10. Love you points, it's so true. I went to Bangladesh a few years ago to volunteer at a school and met a few women who had worked for some of these high street clothing brands, thankfully the school where I was volunteering had a program to help them leave those jobs and move to more ethical companies where they would be safer. Their working conditions were awful. I think for a lot of people it's one of those if I can't see it, it isn't happening things which is how they justify buying constantly...hopefully more posts like this will make people more aware.

  11. Yes! Knowledge about what a brand is doing in order to get the products they are, is so super important!

  12. Such a great post full of interesting views and tips. Thanks for sharing.

    I love how well you wear colors and patterns. Love the layering here Tanvii. That cropped floral top is super cute. I am loving the shorter hair, too. =)

    Welcome by tomorrow night and join my Thursday Moda linkup with your fabulous style. Thanks, Ada. =)

  13. Love that you are taking a stand by consciously choosing where to shop. Our dollars can speak volumes!

  14. Having values when it comes to your aesthetic is so important.

    Also, loving your sheer pieces in this post:)


  15. Great post, I totally agree with you.
    I don't go shopping anymore, just shop when I need something and I'm really into basics, as that allows more versatility. I try to be as conscious as possible when I buy and when I design, as all my collections are made with recycled silk from sarees. And luckily I can´t buy fast fashion as I'm allergic to polyester and such fabrics, so it's not even tempting anymore...


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