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Please Stop Reading My Blog

The number of hate mail or rather let's call it - pissed off emails, I have been receiving lately has shot up by a margin. I am not sure why or how? Since I am doing and saying the same stuff I have been for past eight years. In fact over the years, my writing has been a watered down version of my authentic self. 

Now, you might be thinking, "But Tanvi, you did a whole post on why every comment/email is not a "hate" comment!" And to that I say, you are right. Criticism is when someone mentioned my poor editing skills (I suck at proof reading), or when someone thought my writing was getting lazy (she kicked my ass into being more passionate with my words), or when someone gave me feedback regarding my blog design, photography, etc. I welcome all the feedback which I can actually use, implement and improve. Even if it is harsh. However, these new set of emails/comments that I am talking about are really vile and just written with a lot of hate and despise. For example, when I asked one of the emailers why she continued to read my blog if she thinks the content is not up to her mark. Her response was that looking at how pathetic I am, it makes her feel better about herself. That has to be the saddest thing I have read/heard in a long time. Have a little more self worth! Why would someone voluntarily choose to fill their world with something they don't enjoy? I can not fathom that way of thinking. 

I am not questioning anyone's dislike for me. I am totally fine with it. I am not a fan of a lot of bloggers (and people) myself, but the difference is that instead of getting riled-up in all the negativity or spend time reading/viewing things which do not meet my sensibilities, I choose to shut the browser and never spend another second thinking about it. I do not feel the need to continue reading their blogs and or send nasty feedback to them. I do not think it is worth anyone else's time to read my views about them, their opinions or the content they create. Nor do I hold an expertise in any field and hence, do not feel compelled to give my two cents about every other post/article written on the internet. 

If something bothers me, or if I find someone's actions disturbing, or if I have an opinion about going on in society then I share it in my own internet space with a bit of my own perspective and pondering. Luckily, I live in a democracy and I have the right to write whatever my heart desires. All I know is that my intention is self-expression and not a thing moreEven if someone find's it repetitive (like a recent reader)! I believe everyone has the right to create whatever content brings them joy as long as it is not negative and/or written to harm someone intentionally. 

Countryside Life
Countryside Life  Countryside Life
Countryside Life
Countryside Life Countryside Life 
Location - Pro De Nata Brewery, Crozet, VA

Blazer - Lucky Brand // Similar
Jeans - GAP // Similar
Bag - Lo & Sons
Shoes - Musse and Cloud // Similar
Hat - Jack + Lucy // Similar



  1. I totally get the need to express opinions -- afterall, that's exactly what we, as bloggers, do every day. But what I don't get is people feeling the need to express their opinions on other people's pages/emails/social media accounts. And saying they read your stuff to feel better about themselves is just a cop out answer. I never read or watch things that I don't enjoy. Who has time for that?

  2. Why anyone would send you hate mail is beyond me. You seem like a pretty cool lady that I'd love to hang with. Haters gonna hate, am I rite? I just ignore them...engaging with trolls is too life-sucking. Hang in there!

  3. I'm just amazed that a fashion blogger would receive such hate mail! I'm glad that it's not getting you down! We can only pity such people!

  4. Tanvi, that is insane! Some people are filled with such self-loathing that they find the need to do things like this. I just feel bad for them that they choose to live that way. you just keep doing your thing. I think you're amazing and inspiring.
    Sending you much love and good vibes!


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