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Decoding My Personal Style

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I have said this before ... archiving my looks and moments from life has been quite good (and sometimes embarrassing). The melancholic that I am, I feed on it. But I digress. 

I was looking through my Insta-feed a few days back and I realized that this past season I have been playing with the same styling tricks with different pieces from my closet. Clearly I was gravitating towards a certain way of dressing and unknowingly had been wearing the same look on repeat. I do not take outfit pictures everyday so can't prove it with more examples but the few that I could find I will be sharing them in this post. 

1. Separates + Florals + Layers 
Florals And Layers
Original Posts: Look 1 | Look 2
I believe in separates. They are versatile, you get more bang for your buck, and if good quality can last you a long time. I definitely have more separates in my wardrobe than dresses and/or one piece clothing.

I also believe in layering. Have you heard about: The rule of 3? Add a third layer to any of our looks and watch it transform into a 'complete outfit'. The above two looks I primarily had the same goal - comfort, style and spring appropriate. 

2. Jumpsuits + Layers + Heels
Original Post: Look 1 | Look 2
My first jumpsuit that I had remember was bought about a decade back. I wore it for a really long time until it was really not appropriate (quality wise) to wear it in public or private any more. Recently, in the last year or so I have added a few more jumpsuits to my wardrobe and I have been loving them. They are comfortable, easy-breezy and for variation (and the erratic weather in the region) I layer them with a tee or bodysuit underneath. 

Now one question you get a lot when advocating for jumpsuits is how do you go to the restroom while wearing one. Well, I have not ever had an issue. The only difference is that instead of taking your pants down you take the suit off your shoulder down. It isn't that big a deal. 

3. Midi Dresses + Stripes 
Original Post: Look 1 | Look 2
I love midi-dresses. They are feminine, comfortable and can we dressed up or down depending on the occasion. In the last few years I have definitely added more mid length dresses to my closet (e.g. one, two, three, four and more) and absolutely no short or above the knee dresses. Clearly my style here has changed. In regard to the stripes, it is a pure coincidence but then stripes are classic. You can never go wrong with them. 

Also another reason I wanted to talk about stripes was that there is often a debate on vertical vs horizontal stripes. I wanted to add my two cents. I believe it has more to do with the width of the stripe than the direction of it. I think both of the above dresses are flattering on my body type and do not make me appear wider or narrower in disproportion.

These were my three style observation from 2017 so far. What do you think? Have you observed any change in your style sensibilities? I would love to hear your thoughts. 



  1. My personal style has changed over the years. I used to be really into form-fitting sheath dresses. Now I'm very flowy, loose, lots of layers, bohemian.

  2. Love the looks! I love layers and dresses - Style just evolves so much!

  3. I love how you're sharing your style evolution! & also, totally obsessed with the yellow jumpsuit paired with the purple top! What a fun piece!

  4. Love the rule of 3. More details please! What qualifies as 3rd layer? Scarf? Other accessories?

  5. I love how you styled your separates with florals. Cute! My personal style is ever evolving. I'm trying to decode my personal style now as we speak.

  6. My personal style is uber casual. I'm thinking about how I put outfits together and deciding how I can change how I wear the outfits to make them more cohesive.

  7. I love your style! The dresses are so much fun! As are the jumpsuits, though I'm not sure I could pull them off ;)

  8. definitely love your style. Love what you did with the florals above and I myself would lie to venture into those as well!

  9. You looking so gorgeous but in 1. Separates + Florals + Layers style Look 2 is awesome. You're looking so fab in this dress.

    Jasmin from My Lingerie Magazine


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