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Weekend Vibes At Dacha Beer Garden

Dascha Beer Garden Tanvii.com

Ever since moving to the DC area we have been going out for lunch/brunch over the weekends whenever the weather is good. I can't stand the winter chill and wind and my husband can't stand the scorching heat and humidity which leaves us with a mere three or four weekends when we can be outdoors during the daytime. 

So this particular spring weekend we made our way to the Dacha Beer Garden in Shaw District in D.C. It was one of the first sunny weekends after a rather long winter. We had a smooth drive into the city without any traffic and found parking relatively easily. I nudged my husband to take my outfit pictures before we entered Dacha.

Dascha Beer Garden Tanvii.com

Luckily there wasn't any queue and we found a table with ample sunshine. My husband ordered himself a beer (or two?) and I ordered a cold brew (coffee). I had also ordered an Avocado Toast. It unfortunately did not meet my expectations. It looked super pretty and instagrammable (see above) but for $14 a toast I found it rather steeply priced and not all that flavorsome. I did enjoy my cold brew though. 
What I liked about Dasha was it's outdoor seating and the overall vibe of the place. I can see it being a great hang out place (if I lived in the area), especially during the spring/summer time. It has plenty of umbrellas for shade and also heat lamps and blankets for when it is chilly. They do have a wide variety of beers which are anywhere from moderately priced to super expensive but you have a choice. 

We might return for beer and vibe but will probably grab a bite else where! 

Dascha Beer Garden Tanvii.com

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  1. Love your outfit is soncute, I like the sandals. And $14.00 for a toast?! Yep, It looks prety but is way over priced.


  2. I love a good outdoor brunch on the weekend. It is the most relaxing thing EVER!
    xo Jessica

  3. Awww! This looks like such fun! I don't drink beer, but I'm sure I could find something!

  4. Beer is one of those drinks which i am truly missing during this time.I smell the beer to just get the feel of it. And this place looks so cool...I can smell the fresh brewed beer now. i am sure you have enjoyed the place and taste of the beers.


  5. Perfect way to spend the long weekend! Cheers! XO

  6. This looks like a great weekend date idea! My hubby would love it!


  7. My husband would love trying out that beer! <3

  8. I'm not a beer drinker but this place sounds wonderful! Also love you outfit!

  9. Looks like such a cute, fun place to visit!


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