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Where Do I Shop?

One of the questions I get asked the most is, "Where do I shop?" - I am a creature of habit. I usually do the same things, eat the same foods, and shop at the same stores until something isn't working for me. The stores that I shopped at in my 20s are no more the same stores as where I shop now (post on: Where I Do Not Shop, coming soon!). Below are few of my go-to-stores: 

This is probably my most shopped at store. I shop here for casual clothing (dresses, tops, etc.) shoes, and lingerie. 

Whenever I am looking for a designer bag this is where I go first. Also, my go-to place for beauty and make up products. I shop few but I prefer to shop quality. 

I like the options here online shopping. I also get introduced to a lot of designers from around the world. I recently bought a few swim suit from the site. Also there is a 50% off SALE going on on the site.

My old favorite for basics and jeans. Some how no other jeans fit me quite as nicely as the GAP ones. I also shop sleep wear, basic tees, and such from here.
In the past few years I have really started enjoying shopping at the consignment store. The dress in this post is an Escada scored from one such store. I found a Missoni cape, a Valentino dress (brand new), and this basic black one, all from consignment stores. Whenever I am in the mood and have the patience I really enjoy find some gems at these stores.

Last but not the least Macy's. It has been one of the oldest stores. Not my favorite due to inconsistent customer service and over stocked racks, but more often than not I find a good deal. Especially on fitness wear, which I get through quite quickly and frequently. It is also a good spot to also find a deal on a jacket in wintertime and swim suit in summer time.

Besides these regular stores, I also often scout the net for deals and clothing with high quality e.g. https://www.simons.ca/ - For the better part of the past decade, shopping for quality over quantity has been my mantra. Also, if I am being honest, mindless shopping doesn't interest me much. Shopping is a means to an end not actually an activity or hobby! 

Escada Stripes Tanvii.com Escada Stripes Tanvii.com Escada Stripes Tanvii.com Escada Stripes Tanvii.com
Escada Stripes Tanvii.com
Escada Stripes Tanvii.com
Escada Stripes Tanvii.com
Escada Stripes Tanvii.com
Location - 9th Street, Washington DC

Dress - Escada via Consignment
Shoes - c/o Shoedazzle 
Clutch - Vintage 



  1. My personal favorites are Antrhopologie, Club Monaco and J.Crew (thought pricey at times) and Asos. I love discovering smaller boutiques too.

  2. This dress is so beautiful, love the print..Also i love Asos and Missguided, they are pretty affordable and have great quality clothes xo


  3. I love GAP because of their longer lengths! Online I like Nordstroms & Macys because I can shop a huge variety without having to deal with too many people.

  4. That second photo is so gorgeous. I've actually been shopping at Dillards a lot lately. Not sure how that happened, lol. I also really like Shopbop.


  5. such a pretty dress and i love the beads!

  6. Pretty dress and nail-color. I visit Nordstroms because they're the only retailer with shoes in larger sizes.

  7. I have never shopped at Net a Porter before but I need to after hearing so many great things! Thanks for the insight :)

  8. I recently started shopping at Gap and I really love it! I feel like their clothes are sized appropriately and accurately based on average women.

  9. Nordie's is my go-to (I love the points and the store is gorgeous here). Tanvi - that dress is SO GREAT!!!

  10. Great stores choices! Very well-rounded. Terrific dress, also!!

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  11. I love the stripes on this dress! Stripes are one of my fave prints!

  12. Consignment stores can be so fun. Fun fact: I used to work in one :-)


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