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How To Get Bold Eyebrows?

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Ever since I started posting head-shots (aka selfies) on Instagram, one question I am frequently asked is how I have such bold eyebrows. And like most other vain things in my life, I hadn't thought about them up until someone mentioned them to me. Over the years I have figured out that I like my brows fuller with least amount of maintenance. If you caught my Insta-Stories last week, you'd already know that I am trying to tweak them a bit ... to look more like this, which is more fuller and natural looking. 

Back to my original eyebrow story ... like all girls I went through the phase of over plucked eyebrows. In my defense it was not my choice, but due to lack to resources. Once I moved away from home (for college and then work) there was no one who did 'threading' and I was not willing to give eyebrow waxing a shot! I had to rely on my own skills of plucking, which were needless to say, non-existent. Hence, the too thin brows. This continued for 3-4 years unfortunately and then once I was back to civilization (where there was ample Indian population and therefore easy to find someone who did threading!) I took matters in my own hand.

I patiently (read: restlessly) waited for about 3-4 months (this was 2007!) and let my brows grow out and reach their natural maximum growth (with minimum maintenance by the professionals only!). Few months of frustration has come a long way! I get threading done bi-monthly (and sometimes even once a month), moisturize them with oil several times in the week, and brush them daily with a brow comb. Since I like a natural-looking-brows, I get them trimmed very lightly from the top, maintaining the natural look, without any sharp cuts.

One of the perks of having fuller brows is that you don't have to care whether its in fashion or not. You stick with it, because the natural shape you are bornw with is the best thing for your face. 

P.S. Everyone who requested this post: I hope it helps!


  1. Your eyebrows always look bold and amazing! I love them!
    xo Jessica

  2. I love myself a bold brow! I wish I knew how to do my brows properly!

  3. very similar situation here. i could never get them waxed - so scared..i love threading!!!!!!

  4. I have no idea why, but I have never thought to apply oil! Brilliant! Trying this tonight. XO

    Anna ||

  5. I've never had much in the way of eyebrows. It's not a matter of overplucking for me -- I just never really had any. So I'm always filling them in. Looking into microblading at some point. You have great, bold brows!


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