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Hello May Flowers

Last week I published one post. Only ONE! That hasn't happened since forever. I realized that while I am a stickler for rules and routines, I can take a week off from blogging, if I want to. It is my blog and I make the rules. The good news is, that I am back as a refreshed and renewed person. I found what I was looking for. Looks like I just needed a break from blogging and do  a few offline activities to clear my head. 

So here's what I have been up to for last couple of weeks:

Boy, I have been writing non-stop. My diary entires have been long and frequent. I am able to express my thoughts again. I will probably share some of it in the upcoming posts. Spoiler alert - a lot of my thoughts are going to offend a lot of people but I find solace is knowing that my intention is self expression and that I cannot control other people's thoughts and actions. 

There have been A LOT of new shows and documentaries on Netflix. Here's what I have completed. 

13 Reasons Why
Based on the book by the same name, the show is depicts various forms of bullying and how it can change a young adults life course. As a message it is an effective and a strong one, but as a show I found it pretty dragged out and boring. I didn't feel any sympathy for the protagonist. I didn't "get" her character. 
Score: 2.5/5

Girl Boss
Another show inspired by the book by the founder of Nasty Gal. I found it poorly written, brash and trying too hard. I wouldn't recommend it. Score: 2/5

Vir Das
Now I might be biased towards this comedy special, as it's first Indian comedian to have a Netflix special. Although I truly enjoyed his content, delivery and the punch lines. I would highly recommend it if you enjoy stand ups. This is from an Indian perspective. 
Score: 3.5/5

Still watching: Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce. It is entertaining. 

Going to the the movies

Bahubali - The Beginning  
I watched this again, just too compare it to the second installment which just came out. The first half of the movie wasn't impressive but the second half was a treat. I didn't regret watching it again. (It had released in 2015) Score: 3.5/5

Bahubali - The Conclusion
This is was soul satisfying Indian movie watching experience. This is NOT a Bollywood movie. Bollywood is the name giving to specifically Hindi movies (made is Bombay/Mumbai). This is a Telugu movie which is sweeping Indian audience by the storm. I saw a movie on Friday morning after years. It had EVERYTHING - drama, suspense, romance, action, special effects, and it tugs at your heart like old Indian movies used to. I came out of the cinema thoroughly entertained. I had issues with the last 30 mins but I am willing to overlook that for the sheer grandeur and storytelling. 
Score: 4/5

P.S. If you have not watched any Indian movie, I would strongly urge you to go watch this one. It is like Disney meets Steven Spielberg. 


Khullam Khulla
This is the autobiography of an Indian actor: Rishi Kapoor. It was in the news for being honest and straightforward. I love his tweets so I was expecting the same or rather more. It didn't disappoint however it is purely for someone who is a Hindi movie buff (like myself). 
Score: 3.5/5

Still Reading: Rich and pretty, and hating every page of it!

Listening to Podcast

Still Listening: STOWN
It took me a while to get into it. It picks up the pace slowly, but I gave it a chance purely on the basis of all the positive reviews I had heard. I will let you know what I think soon. 

As for the outfit, yes I wore the flower crown for reals. I dressed for the date night and I asked my husband, "Yay or Nay to the flower crown?" He said, "Yay!" and that was that. People did stare at me but then they do no matter what I wear. Not because I am, 'oh so pretty!' but because I am always the most dressed person in the 5 mile radius no matter how subtle I try to dress. 

Flower Crown Tanvii.com Flower Crown Tanvii.com Flower Crown Tanvii.com Flower Crown Tanvii.com Flower Crown Tanvii.com Flower Crown Tanvii.com
Dress - Hunter Bell // Same
Shoes - fibi & clo // Similar
Flower Crown - Similar
Bag - YSL // Same
Sunglasses - Tom Ford // Similar



  1. Love that flower crown and that red Saint Laurent! So perfect for spring and summer. I have been wanting to watch 13 Reasons. My sister said it was really powerful.
    xo Jessica

  2. It's one of the prettiest flower crowns I ever did see. But honestly, the entire look is gorgeous -- love the dress.

    And I get your thoughts on 13 Reasons Why. I liked it more than you did, but it was just so sad and draining. I finished STown last week. It starts one way and ends a different way -- didn't like it as much as Serial, but it's interesting.


  3. Your flower crown is gorgeous!! So pretty!

    I love your reviews. I've thought about watching Girl Boss (I have it in my queue), but I may rethink given your review!

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  4. Such a great look, cute addition of head piece!
    Instagram @grace_njio

  5. i watched 13 reasons why back to back....so many feelings and enjoyed how it showed from various perspectives but her character, not a big fan. i watched Vir Das's one stand up and enjoyed it but havent seen the netflix one..

    everyone is into bahubali but i have no clue what it is...am i missing out on something??

  6. Love everything about this look! Esp the flower crown! :)


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