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Glow Photo Series: Orange

After my last post a few of my friends asked me if I am really planning to quit blogging. I said I wasn't sure. Then they asked, why wouldn't I quit, if it isn't bringing me joy any more? The thing is that it is not like I don't enjoy blogging. It is the time that I end up spending on social media due to the blog that's getting to me. 

For those of you who do not blog here is what it takes to make sure your each post is optimum. Come up with an idea for the post, research, pitch to brands, negotiate, write, take pictures, edit them, upload them, publish the post. Now share it on all your social media platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, stumbleupon, snapchat, etc.) and make sure you have a unique caption for all of them with appropriate hashtags. Repeat the second round several times over as each social post is short lived. Once done reply to all comments, feedback, and emails. Do it all over again with your next post idea. This is not the toughest job on earth but it does get monotonous and involves 16 hours a day on your phone or computer. 

That brings me to the purpose of this post: The ONLY reason I continue to indulge in Social Media is because it allows me to discover creatives and form a bond with women from different cultures and backgrounds. Like I have said it several times before, blogging has introduced me to so many wonderful people and their pathbreaking ideas that today I cannot imagine my life without any of it. With all it's cons social media is a wonderful medium to make a connection with strangers over common passions. Which brings me to today's post ...

I had the most wonderful time shooting for the #GlowPhotoSeries a week back. It is an idea conceptualized by Chanel Jaali (@chaneljaali) and shot along side one of my favorite photographers Tania (@drishtiphotography). This series brings black and brown beauty to the forefront, and encourages women of color to embrace their natural glow. Do checkout the pictures from this shoot here

Glow Photo Series 1 Glow Photo Series 2 Glow Photo Series 4 Glow Photo Series 7 Glow Photo Series 10 Glow Photo Series 13 Glow Photo Series 14
Location - Brookside Gardens, MD

Everything from India! 

Above outfit pictures were shot the same afternoon. I especially like the detail shots and close ups, which also happen to be Tania's speciality (examples). If you are looking for a photographer I would highly recommend her. Don't forget to check out her work: Website | Facebook | Instagram 


  1. I agree Tanvi- while I love blogging it's the social media aspect where I have to be attached to some form of screen that really gets to me. When I started blogging, there really wasn't much of social media and I was so much better at it. Now its not just the recipe you develop and the content you write on the blog- its so much more. It still is something that I love doing- like you it has broadened my horizons and made me meet so many talented people but yes all of it comes with a lot of long painstaking online hours. Have been following Tania's work for a while- her detail shots are wonderful!

  2. I remember the BTS pics of this shoot. Each photo turned out so well, especially the detail shots as you mentioned.

    And yes, social media used to be fun, but now it's a chore when it comes to promoting your blog. And it's even harder if you're not getting from it all that you're putting into it. I will say that I took a 4 day social media break last week and it was fantastic.

  3. Yup, social media and the work involved in building/maintaining followers and engagements is extremely time-consuming and often tiring. Which is honestly why I've never been able dedicate the due time to build my blog to the extent that I would like. It's requires lots of dedication, which is why it's really admirable how successfully you've built your platform Tanvi!
    Love these pictures - something very raw and striking about them.

  4. You look so beautiful, Tanvi! The colours are so rich and gorgeous! I get it. I didn't think blogging would be this much work! GAH! That being said, I really hope you don't quit. I really enjoy your blog!

  5. exactly why i do not like blogging these days. its just too much marketing instead of enjoying the content.

  6. Love these photos and always love the content that you have. I agree that social media can be overwhelming sometimes. I like focusing on my blog too.

    Beth ||

  7. These photos are absolutely stunning! I love your blog and sincerely hope you continue. xx


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