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Five Tips For Outlet Mall Shopping

I am so excited about the opening of Clarksburg Premium Outlet mall. It is a mere 20 drive from my place and this is the closest I have ever stayed to an outlet mall. Back in Texas I used to visit the outlet mall at least twice a year and it was over an hour away but something tells me that I will be checking out Clarksburg Premium Outlets more frequently. 

I was recently invited to checkout the mall and I must say I was impressed with my overall shopping experience and the customer service. It hosts all my favorite stores such as adidas, All Saints, Bally, Clavin Klein, Clarins, Crabtree & Evelyn, Theory, Thomas Pink, and the list goes on ... 

Now if you know me, shopping is a strategy for me. I like getting the most out of my buck (and time!). Outlet shopping requires you to be a tad more smarter than your usual shopping trip to the mall because here you are hoping to find the best deals and bargains. Am I right? 

Below are some of my tips to make the most of your outlet shopping experience:  

1. Time your shopping trip
Outlet malls can get extremely busy during the weekends and during heavy shopping times such as the holidays. There are long queues, and you might have to wrestle to get your favorite pieces as the quality might be limited. My suggestion would be to try and go on a weekday. If that is not a possibility then at least try and get there first thing in the morning. 

2. Compare prices beforehand
Always checkout the website of the outlet mall (if you haven't already visited them before) to see what stores they have and where would you be most likely to shop. Now checkout the store's website to know what their usual price points are at their retail store. This way you would know what (and if) bargain you are getting.  

3. Get the best deals off-season
This is a no-brainer. Buy your winter coats in spring/summer and your swim suits in fall/winter. You will get the best discounts and deals on those products during off seasons. These are few things which remain standard season after season. 

4. Head to the Corners
When you walk into an outlet mall store, you will be lured by their displays and 'just in' merchandise, just like in a traditional retail store. However, be smart and first head to the end of the store and the racks in the far corners. That is where you are most likely find the best deals. If you are looking for the true bargain clearance racks are probably where you want to start.

5. Watch the return policy
The return policy at the outlet store might be different from the regular retail store so always make sure you check that before your purchase. You do not want to make a whole trip all the way to realize it was 'No Returns'.

This is what I wore for my fun shopping trip to the Clarksburg Outlet Mall
Clarksburg Mall 9 Clarksburg Mall 5 Clarksburg Mall 10 Clarksburg Mall 12 Clarksburg Mall 11 Clarksburg Mall 6 Clarksburg Mall 4
Location - Clarksburg Premium Outlet, MD

Jumpsuit - Lou & Grey // Same
Top - Uniqlo // Same
Shoes - Cole Haan // Similar
Bag - Celine // Same
Sunglasses - Ted Baker // Similar


Make sure you check the information desk for any special deals or coupons they have that season. And voila! that's all you need to know. Hope you found these tips helpful and if you if have any that you would like to share with me, please leave them in the comments below.


  1. I LOVE outlet shopping! I always get such great deals! You do have to be careful though that you don't just buy things because they are on sale. You still should buy things you actually need or were looking for before.
    xo Jessica

  2. I never would have thought of going to the information desk to see if they have additional coupons! Good idea! xoRach |

  3. This mustard and burgundy color combo rocks. And you know how much I love jumpsuits. I used to live in south Florida where they have the biggest outlet mall, ever -- Sawgrass Mills. You must check it out if you're ever in Ft. Lauderdale.

  4. I've been to the Tanger Outlet in Sevierville, TN a couple of times and loved it but one time I went when it was around Thanksgiving and it was a nightmare! Everyone was touching elbows and just to get from one section to another was a struggle. Will never do that again!

  5. so with you on the fact that outlet shopping trips require upfront strategizing.
    love your tips!


  6. Great post and fantastic tips for shopping at outlet malls! I love all the deals you can get, especially if you plan ahead.

    Beth ||

  7. I love that Celine bag- it's awesome right! I have the same one in the same color !

  8. I love shopping at outlet malls! I so wish we had a couple closer to us. I love this outfit!

  9. Never thought of pairing a shirt under a jumpsuit! And good tips for outlet shopping. They recently opened one about an hour from our house so i'll have to make the trek out there soon.


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