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10 Random Things On My Mind:

  • I recently watch the movie Nocturnal Animals and I LOVED it. I do not know why the movies that I enjoy, often don't do well. I have a whole list of them. (May be I should do a post on them!)
  • One of the most unattractive qualities in people is 'desperation'. It stinks. I wish people took more pride in who they were instead of pleasing the world. 
  • "With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” ― Steven Weinberg
  • Have you seen the show - Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce - It has been my guilty pleasure on Netflix, for the past few weeks.
  • I have been in a YouTube limbo. Can't find the motivation to create new content. Anyone got any exiting ideas?
  • Lately I have been writing a lot. By pen. On paper. But still struggling to come up with stuff to 'type' for posts. 
  • I got a haircut. Shortest I have gone in the past decade. I love it.
  • Warmer temperatures have me craving Lychees. But then I read this and it changed my mind. Sorta. 
  • Currently reading this book. Wish I had read the reviews before picking it up. Feel free to recommend me something better.
  • Remember how my super power is discipline? - Not lately. I am still on rebel mode.
Moving on to the outfit, I wore this dress a couple of weeks back. I had bought it in Pondicherry from a local store. It is so comfortable that I already wish I had picked more pieces from there. Also, love these pictures from my shoot with Callum via CE Photography. It was such a pleasure to collaborate with him. Cannot wait to do more concept shoot this summer. 

Indigo Summer Dress Tanvii.com Indigo Summer Dress Tanvii.com
Indigo Summer Dress Tanvii.comIndigo Summer Dress Tanvii.com Indigo Summer Dress Tanvii.com
Indigo Summer Dress Tanvii.com
Indigo Summer Dress Tanvii.com
Photography via CE Photography

Dress - From Pondicherry // Another
Shoes - c/o ShoeDazzle // Similar
Bag - Louis Vuitton // Another
Watch - Bulova // Similar



  1. The photos with the wings are super nice. And I love that post -- it really sums up why I'm not religious. Also, I really enjoyed Nocturnal Animals. I saw it with three other people and two of us loved it and the other two hated it, lol. It made me want to read the book it's based on. I'd obviously appreciate a post about movies.


  2. This post itself would be a great Youtube video, Tanvi! And yeah - desperation does stink.

  3. i have been looking for something new to watch on Netflix, will def check that out. lately, obsessed with the great british bake off.

  4. So pretty, I just love these beautiful photos! I also love getting a hair cut!


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