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Story Behind My Man's Beard

Remington Beard Boss
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My husband's beard has been quite a topic of discussion among his friends, colleagues and family. While I stand back and play a spectator to this drama, I sure am to blame or credit (depends how you see it). I am his stylist, after all! In the first year of marriage, I got rid of pretty-much everything from his closet (one thing at a time). Months later, when (and if) he would notice something is missing, I would tell him, "O. yeah! I donated it!". Luckily he never cared for anything enough to get mad at me. And now almost a decade later, I have thrown everything he ever owned (pre-marriage) and updated it. It took me a few years, but now he trusts my inputs and lets me style him. 

So here's the story behind his beard. Back in early December I asked my husband, "You should keep a beard again." He had sported one, for a few months back late 2012 when we lived in Texas. A lot of people thought that his beard was inspired by Virat Kohli (Indian sportsman). It wasn't. My inspiration for the beard was him. Since he has a similar face structure, and from the previous experience, I knew he would totally rock the beard. So he decided to grow it out during the holidays. And boy was I right OR was I right? ;) 

I think he looks quite distinguished and handsome with the beard. 
Remington Beard Boss
Remington Beard Boss

Basic 101 Tips for Beard


When trying to grow it out, you must ensure you are taking care of your skin as well. Your facial skin is sensitive and requires extra care. When it is not used to having facial hair for long period of time, it would require some extra tlc. 

Make sure you wash your face thoroughly twice a day. Hair is unfortunately a nesting place for food crumbs, small dust particles, etc. If it important to keep it clean. 

Next step would be to Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize. I cannot emphasize it enough. I got my husband some Vit. E oil to apply on this face. It not only calms the skin from any redness but also soften the beard hair. Win-Win.


Regular upkeep. Growing a beard does not mean you have to roam around like a cave man. A daily trim and maintenance is much required. My husband uses The Perfecter: Beard Boss Stubble and Detail Kit by Remington which can be found at your local 
Walmart. Just after the first use, he was a fan. It is an easy to use all-in-one kind of a tool. It is 100% waterproof and is made with a non-slip material which is so important for any personal care product. It's powerhouse lithium battery gives a 5 hours of cordless runtime which would be perfect during travels. The foil shaver is ideal for him as he likes to keep his shave always clean around the edges and neckline. If your man rocks (or wants to rock) a beard you must introduce him to this kit by Remington.  

 Remington Beard Boss Remington Beard Boss 

As handsome as he looks, the beard does come with some extra steps to get ready in the morning. Although, Beard Boss Stubble and Detail Kit has made that task a lot easier and efficient. 

You can find the Beard Boss Stubble and Detail Kit at Walmart and on


  1. Unlike most men, he actually looks good with a beard. It enhances his face. He's lucky he has you to style his life!

  2. He looks great in a beard. My hubby sported one for about a year. It looked really good on him, but keeping it groomed took a whole lot of work!

  3. I make Ari keep a beard, too. He shaved it for a Halloween costume a couple years ago and I was like, never again, lol. I like guys with facial hair -- quite handsome.

  4. Remington shaver has always been the superior shaver for me. It cuts my hair smoothly without any pain. Occasionally, I use shaving cream for my skin to make a perfect shave. Anyways thanks for reviewing this product.



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