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I Live In A Bubble

You know what I have realized? I live in a bubble. My own little curated bubble. This is not a bubble that I was put into though. I have created it all on my own. Unintentionally. 

I do not read many blogs any more, except the ones that pop on my timeline and have an engaging cover photo or a title. I definitely don't read many fashion blogs.

I don't interact with many people. You might already know that. I have mentioned it several time. I don't like people. The ones I do interact with the most are people in the grocery store, my hairdresser, my pharmacist, so on and so forth. Basic functional interactions, which are short, sweet and solve a purpose. Any meaningful interactions are few and far apart. By design.

I do not shop. In fact shopping stresses me out. It is a nuisance, really. I get elated that I am able to create outfits from my existing wardrobe without having to go through the torture of browsing through stuff, trying stuff, not-fitting into stuff, yada yada yada ... 

I do not cook much any more. In 2017 I have probably cooked once per week. I have been having salads. My husband has been having soups. Life is going well. On other days we go out. I still have a salad and husband has whatever his-heart-desires. Like I said life is going well.

I don't pray, go to temple or celebrate festivals. I just don't. No reason.

These are just few of the things I don't do in my bubble. And from all my previous posts you already know all that I do, DO! :)

This is what I wore to brunch the past weekend. It was a cold-sunny-winter-day.
Winter Layers Tanvii.com 8 Winter Layers Tanvii.com 9 Winter Layers Tanvii.com 7 Winter Layers Tanvii.com 5 Winter Layers Tanvii.com 4 Winter Layers Tanvii.com 2
Coat - Uniqlo // Similar
Denim Jacket - Massimo Dutti // Similar
Skirt - Gift // Option
Boots - c/o Musse and Cloud // Another Option
Gloves - Saks // Another
Bag - Vintage // Better



  1. As long as you're happy in your bubble, that's all that matters 🙂

  2. I didn't realize you weren't cooking much anymore, but hey, do what makes you happy! It's your life and hey, at least you chat with us once in a while ;)

  3. I don't shop in stores at all, but I do occasionally shop online. I never cooked, so that has always simplified my life. It's nice to have a simple life that you enjoy. Also, great gloves.


  4. I find myself at times living in a bubble! i think its just a "security blanket" for me. But I have people around me that recognize this and then quickly pull me out. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us !

  5. Such an edgy look; love those boots!

    Belle | www.OneAwesomeMomma.com

  6. I love all the colors, they go together so nicely! And I would totally rock that skirt!

  7. i could definitely use your help in shopping for sure. i hate shopping too and have been using whatever i have. i am down to really old stuff :( send helpppppp

  8. I think everyone lives in their own bubble. They tend not to stray from it and I think that's perfectly fine! As long as you're happy with it!!

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com


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