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Three Ways Thursday - Blanket Scarf

Three Ways To Style Blanket Scarf
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This is my first 'real' blanket scarf. On a very unlikely event in Paris, I bought this scarf from Zara. Usually I don't shop at Zara (why? that deserves a whole new post!), but when I do it is at that one weak moment when I want to buy something and Zara happen to have that 'one' thing that catches my eye or satisfies my itch. Hey! I didn't say I was perfect. 

I can now see the allure of a blanket scarf (a decade later). It can be quite a statement piece. In all my looks above that has been the only stand out element. However, I have not yet, styled the blanket scarf as I have seen other bloggers do. I usually use it as an layer itself. Ideal for when it is chilly but not chilly enough for a jacket, or for while traveling (like in #3). I am not sure I will be adding another one of these to my wardrobe next year (as I have one too many scarves) but I can definitely see the potential in owning one. 

What are your thoughts on a blanket scarf?


  1. This is such perfect timing! I literally just bought a blanket scarf yesterday and have no idea how to wear it!

  2. I usually style my blanket scarf like you did in the first look. I also wear it at home when I'm chilly.

  3. I LOVE wearing my blanket scarf as a wrap! And I also wear it as a scarf all the time. It keeps me so warm and cozy!
    xo Jessica

  4. I'm all about the blanket scarf this season!

  5. I love scarves! They are so fun to wear, especially alone when it's not too cold. I love how you've styled it here.

    Beth ||


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