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15 Tips To Survive a Long Haul Flight

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I always say, I will only get impressed with technology when we are able to get from one place to another by blink of an eye. These 10+ hour flights represent technology has a long way to go (as far as I am concerned). But in the mean time, here's how I survive them (because a long haul is not going to stop anyone from traveling. Am I right?) 

1. Sit in the back
While checking in pick a seat towards the end of the plane. If the flight is not full, chances are most people will be scramming in the front. If you are lucky you might have the whole row, or at least the adjacent seat to yourself. And in Economy, every inch of space matters. 

2.  Request a special meal
I am a vegetarian so I always request a special meal, but even if you are not and would  like to be served first just make sure you put in a request while making the reservation. That way you get to sleep longer and not get disturbed two hours into the flight. 

3. Manage your number of meals
Of course you can't starve on the flight, but it is a good idea to limit the amount of food you eat. Our bodies (especially digestion system) don't function at optimum level. If you do choose to eat on the plane, keep in mind that warm foods are better than cold foods since they're easier to digest.

4. Pack your own snacks
I usually carry my own snacks, which I are rich in protein and I know will fill me up and I won't have to rely on the options available on the plane. How many mixed-trail nuts can one eat anyways, right? It is also just more convenient. 

5. Stay hydrated
Drinks lots of water. You should probably drink more water than you normally do. Air travel is extremely dehydrating.

6. Keep your alcohol intake to a minimum
Drinking excessive amount of alcohol can lead to dehydration and grogginess. It will also aggravate jet lag which a long haul mostly results in once you land. And on an off-chance if you get sick after drinking, it will be an uncomfortable experience for everyone of the flight, yourself included. 

7. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothingFlights are not for making a fashion statement, contrary to all the various airport looks out there. Just be comfortable. Wear cloths in which you can move, breathe and sleep in. 

8. Bring a scarf

Scarf is your best friend while traveling. If could be an extra layer if you are too cold, and it could be an easy style element once you land. 

9. Bring an eye mask
Ever since I have started traveling with one, the whole experience has changed. It helps in blocking out light helps with jet lag, and also mentally prepares you for sleep, and blocks out the early breakfast wake up on long-haul flights.

10. Do some in-seat exercises
You don't have to do jumping jacks in the aisle but a few neck, wrist, and ankle movements every few hours will help you with blood circulation and avoid swollen feet and ankles, leg pain, etc. 

11. Charge all of your devices and bring an extra power pack
Although the flight now have a power outlet and a usb port to charge your devices, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. 

12. Carry a toiletries set in your hand luggage 
I carry a toothbrush/paste, comb, lotion, chapstick, and a face mist (Evian spray). Dehydration is not only within but also on the exterior of the body. 

13. Bring your own entertainment
While I always find enough in-flight entertainment, I always carry a book and upload a few movies/shows on my iPad for emergency. I just like being prepared. 

14. Adjust your watch
Adjust your watch to the destination's time right as you settle into your seat. It helps you to start tuning your body to the destination's time zone and make a flight plan to combat jet lag as much as possible.

15. Give benefit of doubt
It is a long flight and there will be people from different walks of life, traveling for different reasons. Just be patient. Be nice. And if someone is isn't being nice back, give them benefit of doubt. Traveling is not everyone's favorite thing to do. 

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What are some of your tips?


  1. Oh GOD. During my flight back to Australia, I sat in business class. It was glorious. They had wine tasting and I got drunk. It was HORRIBLE. I guess due to the elevated pressure and me being tired, I got hungover really quickly during the 25+ hour flight. I thought I was going to DIE.

    I completely learned my lesson. Staying hydrated is key for me along with having my best buddies, Mr. Noise Cancelling Headphones and Mrs. iPad!!

  2. I always try to do all of these things, except for 1 and 2, so thanks for those tips. And I always carry/wear socks because I can't sleep if my feet are cold.

    By the way, have you heard of Elon Musk's hyperloop? It's not yet created, but I'm totally hoping it will get done in our lifetime.


  3. This is seriously an awesome list! I always love to have a big scarf to use as a blanket!

  4. Very well written! I think the scarf is a very good idea! I recommend it too!

  5. I wasn't aware of numbers 1 and 2! I tend to gorge myself on long-haul flights because I eat out of boredom. Some people are way of pharmaceuticals, but I take half a sleeping pill and sleep like a baby for a long time.

  6. Such a great list! Love your post so much. I always need to fly a lot for my travel! Will definitely use all the tips above <3

  7. Excellent list. I'm also a big believer in setting your watch to the destination time zone as soon as you depart. It makes a huge difference in combating jet lag.

  8. Great list! I don't ever select a seat in the back, but you make a great point. I might need to try that next time in hopes that I get a row to myself :)

  9. That's a very nice list! I didn't even consider that on long-hauls the last row might be best because nobody want to sit there... And I lithe your last tip - it's always good to be patient and give people the benefit of the doubt when they seem to be annoying :-)

    Happy continued travels!

  10. I like the scarf idea -something i always forget. But definitely with plane temperature always being unpredictable, it's a must!

  11. I didn't know you could request to be served a meal first, thanks for the tip! I like to get changed into my PJs on long haul flights :)


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