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#FitnessFriday - How To Control Sugar Cravings?

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Over the past decade my sugar cravings have increased. I blame the American way of living, but it also has a lot to do with my poor decision making. My reason for going nuclear on my health and fitness this year is mostly to do with the fact that 'age' is slowing down my metabolism and the amount of strenuous workouts I do doesn't reflect on the state of my body. Purely due to my 'sweet-tooth'. More often than not, when I consume sugary snacks I crave MORE sugary snacks.

Here's the science behind it: Sugar, which is a carbohydrate, stimulates the release of the feel-good brain chemical called serotonin. That calms and relaxes us, and offers a natural "high" which makes us addicted to it. Hence, eating excess of sugar (simple carbohydrate), without including proteins and healthy fats in to the meal, give the body only a short-term energy boost, but soon after leaves it famished and craving for more. The reason I am sharing this is because personally I feel I I am better equipped to fight my cravings when I support my decisions with logic. Not that it has ever completed stopped me from eating sugar, but it does help me regulate the portion and frequency.

Here are three ways in which I have been fighting my sugar cravings:
  1. Fruits As Snacks - I start my day with half a banana which instantly provides me with energy and sugar fix. I add 3 to 4 strawberries to my protein smoothie which again adds flavor, makes the drink sweet and also provides fiber and nutrients. And for mid-afternoon snack, I slice half an apple. Having a fruit handy helps me stay on track then the sugar craving hits. P.S. If you would like to see what I eat in a day check out my Insta-Stories.
  2. Just Say NO! - I have realized I have a hard time consuming 'small portions' of something sweet. One croissant has me craving for another. One slice of cake makes me want to take the second. So on and so forth. Second servings of 'sugary' snacks become mandatory, hence cutting out all simple sugars works the best for me. It hard, especially while crossing the baked goods and ice cream aisle in the grocery store but reminding myself of my goals and just saying no works. After a week the cravings diminish and over time I am able to train my taste buds to be satisfied with less.
  3. Grab some gum - If you know me, you know that I always have sugarfree gum. In my handbag, gym bag, car, husband's car, living room, kitchen, nightstand - there's a gum pack everywhere. These are all the places where I might crave sugar and instead to going for a sugar snack I reach right away for the gum. Chewing Orbit Gum has helped me keep my wellness goals on track by minimizing mindless snacking throughout the day. It is just a better choice while pursuing my balanced lifestyle.
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In the end I have realized that the key part of health and wellness is all about seeking balance through mindful consumption. What are some of your tips to fight sugar cravings? Do share, as I am always looking to incorporate new and better ways.


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  1. Gum definitely helps me stop myself from grabbing another donut or sweet. It is so good too!
    xo Jessica

  2. I also chew gum when I want something sweet, which is quite often! Sweets and carbs are my Achilles heel.


  3. I only knew chewing gum reduces hunger but dint know that it reduces sugar craving (which is rare to me)

  4. That is so smart! What a great way to curb those cravings


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