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Having Fun With Colors

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One thing which has always been mentioned over the years of outfit blogging, is my abundant use of color. It is not intentional or planned. I am often just trying to dress for the weather and occasion but I cannot deny (as evidence proves) by love for bright vibrant colors.

While I am comfortable with colors, I am aware that not every one is so in today's post I am sharing a few ways in which you can incorporate color in your dressing this spring. 

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Scarves / Neck Ties
Start small. Pick something that doesn't overwhelm you. A scarf or a necktie is a great way to make a simple-casual outfit pop. 

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Colored Layers
Pick two colors and then create the whole look around them. It can be any two colors which complement each other.
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A monochrome look doesn't have to always be all black or all white. You can practically pick any one color and wear different shades of it to create a harmonious look. 

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Colorful head gear
Whether it is a hat, a baseball cap, or a scarf, you can add a pop of color through your head gear.

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Handbags / Accessories
One of my favorite ways to add color is with handbags. Many a times people don't realize I am wearing a rather boring outfit just because my bag is making all the noise. (e.g. here, here, here)

Last but not the least - lipsticks! My favorite make up item. When all else fails, wear a bright lip color. Surprising I am quite experimental with lip colors (hit play above) and have realized that a bright lip can often save the look. 

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Do you wear color? 


  1. I don't wear a ton of color. I've just gotten really into neutrals in the last couple of years. But I do like color in accessories. But I will say that your Tribal Vibes post is uber colorful and one of my favorites from you, ever!


  2. Playing with colors is also my favorite thing to do! Love how you styled this cobalt blue skirt!


  3. I love colored baseball caps!


  4. I love color, but for some reason I have gotten out of the habit of wearing it of late. Maybe Spring will inspire me. Great use of color in these photos!

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  5. Color is an essential ingredient to style. You've mastered its use.


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