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Thoughts On Fashion Blogging

You know how I keep wearing the same clothes over and over again? I have never found that unnatural. I mean, I know that it is not unnatural. Sensible people don't go around shopping for new things every week. So when someone recently asked me if I felt the pressure to continuously buy new things in order to be relevant in fashion blogging, my answer was a blatant - NO! 

However, being in the (fashion) blogging community I am an odd-one-out. That is also why I have not been, and will never be a 'mega-successful' fashion blogger. I do not propagate unnecessary spending on anything. I do not shop much. I do not follow trends. I seldom share/talk about "sales". I urge people to invest in quality over quantity. Basically my agenda is not in sync with fashion blogging's agenda. 

I do not want my readers to come to my blog and feel they don't have things. I do not want them to be discontent with their current closet. I do not want them to go out there and buy what I am wearing. I do not want them to even copy my style or outfits. 

I want my readers to visit my blog and get excited about getting dressed. I want them to see their existing wardrobe with a new energy. I want them to think before they shop. I want them to create a wardrobe that represents THEIR personal style and not MINE ... AND none of this is in sync with what is popular in fashion blogging. In my opinion, having a lot of clothes does not make you stylish. Having style and confidence to wear your clothes makes your stylish! 

I know I have gone a little over board with the number of pictures in this post. I just couldn't make myself post any less. 🙈
Dress Over Jeans  
Dress Over Jeans
Dress Over Jeans 5
 Dress Over Jeans 16 
Dress Over Jeans
Dress Over Jeans 19 Dress Over Jeans 20 Dress Over Jeans 12 Dress Over Jeans 21  Dress Over Jeans 8 
Dress - COS // Better
Jeans - GAP // Similar
Jacket - From Istanbul // Another 
Shoes - Cole Haan // Similar
Bag - Vintage // Another



  1. This is why I have been coming to your blog for the last 6 years .
    You mention something which is doable. Love your blog.

  2. Those shoes are stunning and I want that jacket.


  3. You look great. Very stylish. As an influencer, I'm always thrilled when I can inspire someone fashion-wise. Nothing makes me happier than getting an email from someone who bought a piece I was showcasing and is now really happy with that particular addition to her wardrobe.

  4. It is not unnatural to re-wear your clothes and repeat favorite outfits. Tanvii, you always manage to make dresses over jeans look so effortless, cool, modern and chic. I love, love, loooove this look! The dress and especially your shoes and coat are extremely fabulous and beautiful! =)

    Do come by every Thursday and share your awesome style by linking up with me. Thank you. The last linkup is currently open below, too. =)

    Have a great week! Ada. =)

  5. Ah you look so cool here! I adore the color of that dress on you
    Allison from

  6. I always like your take on personal style, and I love this mustard colored layered dress.

  7. The reason i love ur blog is...not for the clothes, not for ur pics or anything else. Its just the way you think, express and inspire.
    Kudos to u.


  8. The heel on your shoe is much nicer than the Cole Haan shoe

  9. Good for you! You should have in your wardrobe exactly what you want, not what you feel pressured to buy. Your animal print shoes are fantastic!!

    Beth ||

  10. BANG ON!!!!!


  11. I was saying "YES!" to every sentence as I was reading this, Tanvi. You know I'm right there with you. I could never feel okay choosing what makes someone popular over ways to ethically approach clothing. And I love this outfit on you!! xoxo


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