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Black For Spring

Remember how I was in search for balance (again) in life? While, I haven't figured it ALL out, but I tweaked my daily routine a bit in the last two weeks and life has been a lot more zen. 

I had promised y'all that I will keep you posted, so here goes: Instead of mornings I have switched my workouts to afternoon (whenever possible) and to four times a week instead of six. I have a lot of energy and have been burning a lot more calories. 

Also, I had mentioned last Monday that I haven't been cooking, which is saving me ton of time. It is a constant struggle to keep my eating as clean as possible but 2017 has be good so far. 

Last but not the least, I have reduced my blogposts back to three times a week instead of fives times a week. Last whole year I blogged Monday to Friday and some how it didn't seem impossible, but lately it seemed` too much and I was losing my enthusiasm to blog at all. So I went back to 'less is more'. You wouldn't want me to stop blogging all together, right? :) 

P.S. Not that any one noticed because YouTube is not where my audience it. I simply do it because I enjoy doing it. But if anyone cares, I had not been posting regularly on YouTube due to lack of time and content ideas but I do plan to get back to one video a week starting April. 

Moving on to the outfit ... Today is the first day of spring and wearing colors would have been so cliché. So instead I did the opposite and wore black and white. I kid. This wasn't intentional. It wasn't until later that I realized today is the first day of spring. Oh well. I wear plenty of color year round.

Black and White for Spring 4 Black and White for Spring 16
Black and White for Spring 12
Black and White for Spring 17
Black and White for Spring 11
Black and White for Spring 19  Black and White for Spring 14
Black and White for Spring 5
Jumpsuit - Lou & Grey // Similar
Tee - Uniqlo // Same
Shoes - Shoes of Prey // Similar
Sunglasses - Elizabeth & James // Same
Bag - Gucci // Same
Hat - Similar



  1. I love this, that bag is so perfect.


  2. Adjustments like these are smart. Our blogs shouldn't be the boss of us, they should make us happy. This lip-color looks terrific on you and nicely echoes the bag color. Very pretty.

  3. I think it is important to find balance between blogging and life. I am struggling to find how many posts is a good balance for myself. Sometimes I want to post 5 times a week, other weeks I want to post two. Crazy! I love that bag! I need it...
    xo Jessica

  4. I first thought this was a dress, but I'm happy to see that it's a jumpsuit. So lovely. And I think it's great that you're doing 3 posts a week. I do 2-3 a week and I find that makes life a lot easier. And kudos to the workout change showing improvement!

  5. I love that you wore black & white today, Tanvi. I love the minimalist look! Plus, you have a pink Gucci bag for a pop of color so that says something.

    I cut down on blogging five times a week to three times a week as well. It was just too much! Kudos on all your life changes.

    Beth ||

  6. that ring looks fantastic one you. i just posted a bean recipe that you might doesnt involve cooking :P

  7. Sometimes just a few slight adjustments can make a big difference! Hope they continue to bring more zen back into your days! XOXO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair


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