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Top 10 Reasons People Follow Your Instagram Account

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Oh! Instagram. The bane of my existence. It is what is making social media go round for the past year or so. Most of your social influence is dependent on your Instagram reach and engagement. If you are a blogger/influencer you know exactly what I mean. Ever person who unfollows, seems like a virtual break up but I hope you have read my post here, to know why you should not take it personally. 

Today I am sharing 10 reasons why I believe people choose to follow Instagram accounts.  

10. Your Instagram gallery looks cohesive and drives engagement.

You’re running a giveaway that requires people to follow you. Duh! :)

8. You are already popular with a large following. People follow you to find out why. Sometimes, people take that as a sign for quality.

7. You share tips and tricks with your followers. You are considerate enough to reply to all the comments. People like that and would want to join your tribe. 

6. You come on on people's 'Suggested User' list, or on their ‘explore’ page.

5. You are friends with a popular account. Sometimes people check who their favorite Instagrammers are following and then choose to follow them too. 

4. People are nosey. Some of them just want to know what you are up to. 

3. Your content is different and people are able to spot your USP through your photos and captions.

2. You post regularly, and have your niche nailed down. People like to follow accounts with a clear theme. 

1. Your pictures are outstanding! I mean nothing trumps quality. Especially on Instagram. 

On another note, if you haven't checkout why 'unfollowing' is a good thing, in my book! 

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  1. Wow.... I also agree with your information.What all you sad here is absolutely correct.Thank you very much for your tips.

  2. Totally agree with these -- but most also do the follow/unfollow method which is a huge pet peeve of mine.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  3. All very true (including the f/uf method that Lily commented on). But I had to laugh at #8, lol.

  4. Haha I love how you're just REAL about this: "people are nosey" I think this is so true sometimes!

  5. Haha this is funny and so true! I love instagram and how easy it is to find new people!

  6. Hi Tanvi, I really needed this post! I feel like my Instagram is all over the place. I really appreciated your tips and advice!

    Beth ||

  7. F/U drives me crazy. Overall, a nice round up of reasons! I'm trying to grow my IG currently.

  8. This list is spot on! I love following all my mom bloggers!
    Sarah |

  9. Agreed! Definitely need to work on making my posts more cohesive!

  10. I'm totally #4. NOSEY!!!! I love how you nailed down all the reasons people follow. It helps tailor my feed to what people in my niche want to see :)

  11. I agree with these. I truly try not to get caught up in whose following and whose not. Great video to btw!

  12. Instagram is one of the social medias that I have just started getting more into. I love getting to know other people through that channel.

  13. First things first, those rings are amazing! So the following o instagram, its an interesting post, I think people follow me because I ted to post every weekk and I have a sequence. I guess I should do more giveaways too hey!


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