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Taliesin West In Scotsdale

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Upon my recent trip with Visit Phoenix I had a chance to check out Taliesin West. Before this I had no idea about the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright. The 90 minute tour of the property was quite informational. There were some interesting facts that stayed with my from this tour. Scroll down to read them. 
"In the winter of 1938, 70-year-old Frank Lloyd Wright purchased 160 acres at the foot of the McDowell Mountains in present-day Scottsdale to transform into his winter home and studio. Inspired by the southwestern landscape, Wright sought a ‘nobly simple’ architecture in Taliesin West. Primitive but elegant, Taliesin West’s monumental masonry feels as much an ancient ruin unearthed from the Sonoran desert, as the twentieth-century icon of modern architecture that it has become.

Wright’s winter camp expanded over the years to include studios, and residential, dining, and performance spaces, all which served the active community of the Fellowship." via

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Below are few of facts about the Taliesin West & Frank Lloyd Wright I learnt on the tour: 

  1. There are (13) pieces from the Chinese Theater scenes scattered around the house marking transitions from one area to another.
  2. Throughout the Taliesin West you can see Wright's use of triangles and half triangles, hallmarks of the design of the building.
  3. When he first bought the property there was no water. With the aid of a dousing rod and a lot of drilling water was struck and it is that aquifer today that still provides all the water for the property.
  4. He used the term compression and release to refer to the ducking to get into the room and then the feeling you got once inside.
  5. Taliesin West is considered to be one of Wright’s best examples of integrating indoor and outdoor living spaces.
  6. His architecture school is very communal and requires that you live on campus in Scottsdale for part of the year and in Wisconsin for part of the year. Some students still sleep in tents or small shelters that have been approved and that they have designed.
  7. Wright spent the warmer months at his home in Wisconsin aptly named - Taliesin East.
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  1. Love ur outfit Tanvi. :*


  2. I have always wanted to go to Arizona! It is supposed to be beautiful. Love these photos!
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  3. Beautiful photos! Love Arizona, such a different landscape. Loved learning about Frank Lloyd Wright

  4. I knew all about Frank Lloyd Wright but I never made it out to the Taliesin West. So thanks for sharing these photos. Next time I'm in Phoenix!


  5. Arizona looks like a whole anothercountry altogether.

  6. The pictures are amazing! Looks like a great place to visit!

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