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Since I Became A Travel Blogger

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Life has changed a lot over the past year. I have worn several 'blogging' hats - lifestyle, fashion, fitness, food, and now travel. The later has been the most exciting of them all as it is my passion. But with excitement, there has also been exhaustion. Traveling frequently comes with it's own sets of challenges. 

Here are a few things I have noticed since I changed gears into active travel blogging: 

1. 'Travel' does not necessarily means a vacation/holiday any more. No matter whether I am on-the-go for work or leisure it is ALWAYS a content creation opportunity. There is never one instance which I can completely switch off from work mode and just simply have a vacation. Again, not complaining, just stating the facts as this is exactly what I had signed up for.

2. Every travel blogger and social media follower seems like a real friend. Whenever I am about to visit a new place, first thing I do now is to go read all the other travel posts on that area and reach out to fellow bloggers who have already visited the place for tips and recommendations. Right now there is absolutely no distinction between real life friends and blogging friends. They are all the same.

3. You start to categorize people either as tourists or travelers. Not that I am saying there is something wrong with either of those categories but as travel bloggers you tend to seek authentic and off-the-beaten path experiences without really looking or acting like a tourist (going to the must-see spots, taking cheesy pictures, buying souvenirs from the gift shops). A tourist might buy a magnet from the gift shop, while a traveler will pick up local cheese and wine. You catch my drift?

4. Your number one priority is Wi-Fi while searching for accommodation. If I have two places to pick from, with all the other variables alike, I will definitely pick the one which has free wifi. When a hotel (or airbnb) does not have complimentary wifi, you automatically judge them for being prehistoric.

5. You are always in a limbo. When you are home, you wish you were some place else. When you are some place else for longer than a week, you wish you were home. Hence, you are never really at peace anywhere for very long. 

Below are the Travel Logs from various places I have visited over the last two years. Let me know which one you enjoyed the most. 


  1. What an awesome way to meet new people/make new friends!

    Coming Up Roses

  2. Love this Tanvii and totally agree with your comment that travel blogging doesn't mean you are constantly on a holiday/vacation. There are so many things to see and do in your own home town, or country, that by visiting and sharing them, could inspire others to visit.

    Interesting thought about being at home, and longing to be some place else. I feel like that a lot of the time. Sometimes I have this constant restlessness and longing for places I do not know.

    Great blog. Safe travels


  3. I love your definition of "tourist" and "traveler". I do really believe I'm both. Classic example? On my last trip to Paris, I bought 5 magnets for my fridge magnet collection (LOL - I'm a bit of a nerd, but I have an impressive collection from all over the world), and I also brought back a case of fine French rosé, some beignets, a ton of Chanel cosmetics and spices and salts from Hédiard. LOL!

  4. Hi tanvii: Now that you are a travel blogger, how do you manage healthy eating and fitness. Is it more difficult with varying schedules and time zones?

    1. Hi Anjali! It is definitely challenging. I do try and get in my workout in the morning even while traveling. My travel mantra is "the place does not affect my eating habits." Thankfully I am not a 'foodie' so I try and stick to the same eating routine even while traveling. Also, I carry my own snacks -


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