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Oreo Dunk Challenge

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O. Boy! The sight of OREO just melts my heart. It has to be hands-down my favorite cookie. I still remember when I had first tried it in India. It was only available in one of those stores which had international foods. And then soon after I visited United States with my family and found them everywhere. I must have been a teenager then. My love for OREO has been going strong ever since.  
This is one of the childhood fun-family-activity we played once a year. You can have as many players as you like. This is how the game went: 

1. Everyone sit's in a circle. 
2. You pass-on the ball (a cushion, paper, anything that you can find) to the person on your right till the music l plays, and whoever has it once the music stops, starts the game. 
3. The person on the left of the "chosen" player asks a general knowledge question (or you can pick your own category. We liked GK or Hindi Movies trivia) and if the player guess the answer correctly, dunks the OREO in the milk (or not!) and then devour it. 
4. And you repeat and keep going till you like. 
5. Optional - You can pass the ball to the person on your right if the music happen to stop on the same person consecutively. 

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How do you dunk your OREO? Enter OREO Dunk Challenge and show them your favorite way to dunk OREO cookies. You can also check out how others are dunking milk’s favorite cookie. Don't forget to share it on social media using the hashtag #OREODunkChallenge.

I shopped at the local Shoppers store for the campaign. 
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  1. i felt the same way about Oreos when i was in Nepal...I still feel the same way which is why I never buy it :P

  2. I'm not going to lie, I've been eating a lot of Oreo cookies lately. I think I like them more now than I did as a kid. But I don't like dunking them in milk -- that's just not my thing. But I'm sad to say I could easily eat a dozen of these.


  3. They are my absolute favourite. If it involves Oreos, I'm DOWN. Love the post, babe! xoxo

  4. I love Oreo, I use to pick it up every time we go to the supermarket but know I have cut down my purchases on Oreo big time. I might just buy it from the vending machine every once in awhile though that way I don't consume too much sweets on a daily basis.

  5. Love this story Tanvii! We have Oreos for free at my office, which is baddddd news for my waistline! Two a day isn't so bad though, right?! =)


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