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Online To Offline Friendships

Dvora Photography London
This past trip to London has been one of the most satisfying trips. I was able to achieve everything I wanted to, meet everyone I wanted to, and check out all the places I had on my list. It was a good mix of revisiting the old and known and experiencing the new and unknown. 

One of the most memorable things from the trip was meeting Dvora. I have known her (through blogging) for over six years or so. For the last couple of years I have only been in touch with her only through Instagram but as soon as my trip was finalized I reached out to her. We planned to meet for brunch at Thomas' Cafe

Brunch at Thomas' Cafe

I have met my fair share of people through the web. It is always fifty percent excitement and fifty percent hesitation, when meeting someone from the Internet. You never really know, y'know, who they might turn out to be? But meeting Dvora was like meeting an old friend. I felt I had known her for a long time. There were no awkward silences, not a moment of irresoluteness. Conversation just flew smoothly and there was a genuine connection. This is exactly why I love blogging and continue to blog. I have said this before, and I repeat myself - Thanks to blogging, I have found my tribe! They all might not be one single location but then that's what makes my travels even more exciting. I get a chance to meet (and make) friends no matter where I go. 

Thank you for shooting me, Dvora! 

(Dvora is a famous photographer whose clients include Vogue, GQ, and more.
Dvora Photography London
Photography via Dvora 

Sweater - Lou & Grey // Similar
Scarf - Zara // Similar
Jeans - GAP // Same
Bag - Chanel // Similar
Gloves - Saks // Same


  1. Lovely!


  2. i love when blogger meetups happen in real life. for non-bloggers, they just dont get it. i hope we can grab brunch sometime soon too.

  3. It's such a joy when you meet people and it's like you've always know each other!

  4. love your outfit - and it is so good & stimulating to meet people from the same sphere of our creative lives. xx


  5. It was a wonderful morning and brilliant to meet you at last.
    Love your post about it <3 <3

  6. Absolutely love your look Great read also. So great to meet people you have connected with over the web for years. Enjoy your day.

  7. What a nice story! Meetups are great fun. (I know!)

  8. Some of my now-best friends started off online...and are now off! LOVE!

    Coming Up Roses

  9. It looks like it was a lot of fun! I felt like I've known you for years as well! Hopefully we meet up somewhere in the world some day!


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