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Notting Hill Vibes

I have been on a movie marathon this month. I told my husband we have to watch all the Oscar nominated movie so that I am make an informed opinion whether they deserved to win or not. Not like anyone cares about what I think but it just gave me a reason to convince my husband. And it worked. 

So far I have seen five out of the nine movies which are nominated. 

La La Land - I had really high expectations from this movie. I saw it before it was nominated for the Oscars. I liked the movie. I liked the performances. But I still didn't get the hype around it. I mean it is good, but is it THAT good? Also, if someone should have been nominated it had to be Ryan Gosling (not because he is gorgeous). His performance definitely was way better than Emma Stone. 

Arrival - I found it to be too slow. Again, it was good but was it really THAT good? I get the twists and turns but really. It didn't blow me away. And I like Amy Adams but this wasn't her best performance. 

Lion - I LOVED this movie. Such a wonderful heart-warming story. The fact that it was a true story made it so much more impactful. My only issue here was that why wasn't the child artist (Sunny) nominated? He single handedly carried the movie on his shoulders for the first 45 minutes, with very few dialogues. A must watch. 

Hidden Figures - OMG! Such.A.Good.Movie. Give it an Oscar already. Every single performance, the story, the costumes, - everything! It was also a true story which in parts, just gave me goosebumps and in parts made me smile. A must watch. 

Fences - It has stellar performances, some really long scenes and an intense story. It just felt too long for me and I got impatient but a good movie nonetheless. 

MoonlightHacksaw Ridge,  & Manchester By The Sea - I will be watching these soon and will update this space before the Oscars. 

Hell or High Water - This is the only movie, I am not excited about watching. I don't think I will see it. 

Which one have you seen? 

Moving on to the outfit, I finally found a dress which I can wear in winters without worrying about layers and/or dying in cold. This dress is from Dainty Jewells and I love the fact that it has a heavy cloth lining which gives it a good fall but also a good layer to keep me from freezing my a$$ off. I also happen to love its name - Blissful Bloom - The name too took bit of the sting out of a cold winter day in London. These shots were taken in Notting Hill. Sigh! I miss London.  

Dainty Jewels Notting Hill London  
Dainty Jewels Notting Hill London
  Dainty Jewels Notting Hill London Dainty Jewels Notting Hill London Dainty Jewels Notting Hill London Dainty Jewels Notting Hill London
Dainty Jewels Notting Hill London
Dainty Jewels Notting Hill London 
Dainty Jewels Notting Hill London
Photography via Sara Lejon

Jacket - c/o Uniqlo // Similar
Dress - c/o Dainty Jewells // Same
Boots - c/o Shoe Dazzle // Similar 
Bag - Chanel // Similar
Sunglasses - D&G // Option
Scarf - From Scotland // Similar
Gloves - Saks // Similar



  1. Thank you for all the movie recommendations! I didn't have a chance to watch La La Land and Lion land but everyone I know love these movies!

  2. Love your look! I haven't been to the movies in forever! I really want to see LaLa Land!

  3. OMG it really is Notting Hill vibes! Love all the bright buildings
    Allison from

  4. The florals go so well with the Notting Hill backdrop. I agree with what you had to say about all of these except for Lion as I haven't seen that one yet. I fell asleep during Arrival, but I'm going to try to watch it again without sleeping. I have yet to see Moonlight, Hacksaw or Manchester. I actually really loved Hell or High Water -- it seems like it's a bank robbery bandit movie, but it's actually a lot deeper than that. But let's just give the Oscar to Hidden Figures already! :)

  5. You look so chic, Tanvi!! Love those olive-coloured suede boots! I'm really looking forward to La La Land actually...

  6. I watched Lion and Hidden Figures and enjoyed them both. I have yet to see the other recommendations. I love your floral dress and suede boots. Great combo. Miss London too :(


  7. we tried to go watch La La Land but it was sold out..still upset :(

  8. That's awesome, I have not seen any yet, but I need to fast! I really love this dress if looks so pretty on you!

  9. Hi Tanvi, this sounds amazing! Will need to add to my travel list :)

  10. I can't wait to find time to see Manchester by the Sea. It's supposed to be quite moving. Great summary and fantastic photos of a lovely outfit!

    Beth ||


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