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Balance Is Not Constant

Per usual I didn't write this post till the last moment and now I have no thoughts. I am watching the Oscars. Viola Davis won (yay!). Dev Patel didn't (sob). I have cancelled my morning workout. There is no way I can wake up at 5am if I sleep at midnight. I am hoping to make it to my workout in the evening. (... and such mundane details are what are running in my head.Come to think of it, that's how I have been feeling a lot lately. My mind is constantly occupied by mundane errands of daily life. I am not able to focus completely on my work. 

... either I am swamped with work and always playing catch up. Or when I decide to take a break then, just after a few hours I feel completely unproductive and restless. I am back to trying to find that balance which I had until last year. That's the thing about balance - it is not constant. The moment I feel I am on stable ground, the variables change on me and I have to find that 'new' balance. It is quite exhausting (and frustrating). I plan to take a moment and reanalysis my daily routine in the coming month. Do not know what needs to be changed but something's gotta give. I will keep you guys posted. 

Moving on to the outfit ... this is the last one from the London trip. Again, my friend Anita took these pictures. We were at a red light, the sun was setting, and I just needed to document my travel look. Hence, she obliged! :) 

London Mayfair 7 London Mayfair 2 London Mayfair 4 London Mayfair 6 London Mayfair 8 London Mayfair 10 London Mayfair 14 London Mayfair 12
Sweater - Uniqlo // Same
Jacket - The North Face // Same
Jeans - GAP // Same
Scarf - Inherited // Option
Earrings - Tory Burch // Same
Boots - Steve Madden // Better



  1. I seriously love your posts. You're a great writer!

  2. I can totally relate to you here but I think you're right, balance is not constant but rather, something we should be always working on
    I find that time blocking helps me when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I make a list, set a time for each task and use my timer and get to it! Happy monday! :)

  3. Your scarf is so pretty! Love how you have styled it with the khaki!

  4. i have never been able to find balance...for me its always been a matter of mentally shifting my priorities. constantly reevaluating your current situation will help realign priorities and hopefully help you find balance.


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