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Hirshhorn Museum

One of the perks of living in D.C. has been it's interesting Museum scene. Every city has it's Natural History, Art and what-have you but D.C. has some of the most unique and sought-after exhibits from around the world. This year I plan to visit more Museums and add culture (delete food!) to my weekend repertoire. 

Earlier this year we checkout the Hirshhorn Museum, and the work of an Icelandic artist, Ragnar Kjartansson, in his exhibit with the same name. His work was exceptionally fascinating. Below is Kjartansson’s Woman in E—a single, sequin-clad woman strumming an E-minor chord which really made an impression on me. Another exhibit which left an impact on both myself and my husband was "God (2007)", where Kjartansson embodies a 1950’s lounge singer, and repeatedly croons, “Sorrow conquers happiness” while backed by an eleven-piece orchestra.

While the exhibit ended on Jan. 7th in D.C., you can check out this website for his future exhibitions. 

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There are various other exhibits at the museum to enjoy as well. “Masterworks from the Hirshhorn Collection,” a new rehanging of the permanent collection galleries, features highlights of Joseph Hirshhorn’s originals as well as the new additions to the collection. 

We had a wonderful time at the museum. It was an escape from the cold and an exercise for our senses. I cannot wait checkout other museums in the city and also to go back here and checkout it's new and future exhibits soon.

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  1. This is such a cool museum with such interesting pieces! I want to visit!
    xo Jessica

  2. I actually don't really enjoy museums unless they have some sort of wow factor, and this one looks quite interesting.


  3. Nice museum. I have been to DC and the National Mall was fun to explore..not enough time though.


  4. I've never been but now need to go - looks AMAZING.

    Coming Up Roses


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