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Hair Style / Cut Inspiration

DeNada Asymmetrical Poncho

I am having 'that' itch of chopping off my hair again. As soon as that thought enters my brain I start to get irritable and dissatisfied with my hair no matter what. No day is a good hair day post that moment. I starting keeping them in ponytail or hair bun and refuse to do anything about them at all. 

For the past couple of winters my hair have not been below my neck. I had forgotten how tiresome and annoying long hair can be at times. Did you know it is supremely difficult to apply body lotion on your upper body when you have long hair. There is always that odd strand (or more) which refuses to stay in the ponytail and gets all creamy and oily and then in no time the ends of your hair look flat and like they have no life. 

Oh well. If I sound whiny that is because I am. I cannot wait to get this load off my head. Right now counting the hours to my hair cut. I am not hundred percent sure what I want to get done but below are few of my Pinspirations. They all have a common theme of layered, long bob with face framing. Which one would you recommend? 

Do check out the Insta Stories (Instagram) to find out which way I went!


  1. I love, love, love look #1 I need to see you rock that!

  2. YES! This is exactly the kind of cut I'm going for, I want to lop off about a foot of hair next month AH
    Allison from

  3. So funny, I'm in the same boat. I'm cutting my hair.. its super long, but I'm thinking of doing long layers and hoping that gives it a little change :) can't wait to see your haircut!

  4. i go back and forth too..and im absolutely digging all of the above. thats a perfect length (IMO) but i dont know how to style like that every single day.

  5. OMG. I hear ya girl. I'm always like: "I really want to get my hair as long as possible" and then it gets to a certain length, gets annoying and I feel like shaving my head!! I love the first hair pic. That wavy lob is beautiful!

  6. I JUST cut my hair like this!!! I love the LOB look!


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